Food Prep Week 1

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to the end of Sunday! What did you guys do today? How was your weekend? Mine wasn’t that eventful but it was fun.

On Saturday we were supposed to go to Santa Monica 22nd Annual Festival but we weren’t able to find it!!! Yup we got lost. Not sure how it said it was on 2300 Ocean Blvd and we walked there…but we couldn’t find it. Seriously walked about 15 city blocks and couldn’t find it.

Have to say I was totally disappointed but then Hubby had a great idea. Since we also had the younger cousin’s with us, to take everyone to a special dinner! And so we ended up doing…

Korean BBQ! If you haven’t had it already you must try it!! So delicious and just plain fun. It definitly made up for the fact that I couldn’t find the festival -_-.

However, I was really looking forward to today. Today was the day that I tried food prepping ^_^. But before that happened I had to go get the food…and a few other things. Like these pretties!

I got lucky with these from Ross! I just loved the bright neon color and they are a matching set!! But then I found the Nike ‘Just Do It’ and I just had to get it! Now I have motivational shirts and a pair of pants ^_~

Next on my list of things to buy was these Mason Jars! I have been seeing them everywhere on blogs and well…I wanted them too! Plus I heard they are great for salads!!

Finally was some containers that had measurements on them. Although I didn’t take a picture of the side that actually has the measurements! Oy. Anyways, the bottom is 2 cups and the top ones are 1/2 cup. These were actually for kids but they will work just as well for me!!
Then it was time for food shopping at Fresh and Easy. I got all of this, plus some chicken and ground beef, for less then $100. Not bad for some staple re-fills and a weeks worth of food. I was pretty happy with my haul ^_^
But then came the hard work…or at least the new work for me, since I have never done food prep before. I think I actually did pretty good. Only took me about 4 hours to finish everything. So starting from left to right.

Reason why you don’t see anything breakfast is because I am still doing Shakeology for breakfast!!

And that is everything. I am planning on doing left overs for a few lunches. Plus I really want to make sure that the Hubby has enough to eat since he just quit his job. It was his choice and he has a back up I swear. It just doesn’t start for a month -_-. Anyways, gotta make sure he eats. 
So what do you guys think of my first meal prep? The bigger meals do have to go to the stove before serving but it is basically ready. 
Okay NeverEver’s, I have to say that I am pretty tired. I got a blister on my heel from my walking yesterday (hey I didn’t know we could get lost…I didn’t plan for that…not at all. Have to admit to being a little worried about it since tomorrow starts my Month Long Extreme Workout…but I will get it done! 
So good night all! 

2 thoughts on “Food Prep Week 1

  1. Great post Alicia! I love all of the meal prep and thanks for sharing what recipes you chose as well. I'm trying to figure out ways I can prep healthy meals for my husband when I am out of town and for myself when I am traveling during the week. Thanks for sharing!

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