I Have Changed

Hey NeverEver’s!

It has been one of those weeks. Those type of weeks were the best intentions are just ignored and its really not external reasons…just the internal ones. Except for Monday, Monday the Family was here and we had to go celebrate Father’s Day a little early.

Out of 3 days this week only 1 did I have my Shakeology for breakfast…HOWEVER, Out of 3 days 3 of them I did my Lunch Run! So, that is something that I am very happy about. I mean usually its the other way around and exercising is something that I need to do more of.

Today…however, was just where I wanted to stay in bed. It was warm, It was comfy and I just didn’t want to move. But the idea of a paycheck motivated me to roll out of bed and get to work. It wasn’t pretty but I made it to work on time. That is when it hit me that I forgot my shakeology.

So I was feeling pretty down and just not in the mood to workout or to do basically anything. Then I saw this…

Its a powerful message in the most normal situation and in the mood that I was in…well it was doubly powerful. It reminded me that I was tired of always making plans and then not going through with them. So I made myself think about the things that I have made my goals from the beginning of this Month and what I have been able to do 90% of the time.

  • Make Dinner 5 nights of the week with leftovers for the Hubby — Check!
  • Workout with Slim in 6 in the morning — Negative
  • Do my Lunch Run — Check!
  • Workout with Hip Hop Ab’s at night with the family — Half / Half
  • Have Shakeology for Breakfast — Check!
  • No more sweats — Half / Half
I wrote this down and I looked at it really hard…while answering calls and doing my job of course!! And I found out that I wasn’t doing to bad. 
I am cooking more dinners then ever, 
I am drinking my shakeology and notice a difference, 
I got the Hubby into working out with me…and even if I don’t do the DVD’s I make sure I am walking at night. 
So I don’t wake up when I want to workout…maybe I need to change that goal to something else
So I am not always able to turn down that sweet. But I am turning them down now more then ever.
I am doing better then last year. I am doing better then 3 months ago. I am doing better then last month. 
However, that isn’t even the biggest thing I discovered today. Yup there is something even bigger then me actually having more ‘Checks’ on my Goal List then ‘Negatives’.
I look at this and still can’t believe it. I have the proof in front of me. Showing me that my time is getting better. That my mile is getting faster and I am still at shock. Seriously my time at the beginning of the year was 18 minutes! 18 minutes to run a mile that I can now do in 12 minutes! 
My clothes may still be the same
My scale number may not have changed that much
My body may look the same
But running numbers don’t lie. 
I have changed. 
So NeverEver’s, I am heading to a shower and then bed…I did the night workout with the Hubby while writing this. I will see you all tomorrow! 

4 thoughts on “I Have Changed

  1. I was always amazed to find that while the numbers might stay the same for a bit if I kept going with those awesome habits the change suddenly showed up as my body realized all right there is a new normal! Hip hop abs looks like a blast, I've only ever played along with the infomercial…wow that's embarrassing but I do!

  2. No you should really try the Hip Hop Ab's. Its a workout that doesn't feel like a workout. It is so much fun. And don't worry I have a tendency to dance in the middle of the sidewalk if a car is blasting music next to me ^_~

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