Cleanse – Day 1

Hey NeverEver’s!!

Happy Monday! I hope you have all had a great one. Right now I just finished my dinner (enchilada salad) and am dying in the heat while waiting for the sun to go down.

But what you guys wanna hear is about Day 1 of the cleanse. How did I do? How did it feel? Was it satisfying? Did I get hungry? Hell was I starving?

Started the Morning off really late. Why? Because I was busy at work. But I got my green tea done first…then had my shakeology. 
The green tea actually filled me up pretty well even before the Shakeology. So by the end of the drink it lasted me until a little after lunch. 

Lunch was my normal Lunch Run (hey I said normal). Jogged most of that mile and felt amazing. Wasn’t feeling light headed or anything. The only thing was my calf…but that had nothing to do with the cleanse.

After lunch I wasn’t that hungry but because I am already on a ‘cleanse’ I am being extra careful to listen to my body. So about an hour after my scheduled ‘lunch time’ I got my shakeology on again. This time I forgot my green tea…oops. Won’t forget that tomorrow.

However, by the time the end of the day came by…I was hungry. I did have my orange as a side but it only took the edge off. Came home and I found that my Mother in law was making enchilada (the chip version not the restaurant one). So I decided to make that into a salad. It was spicy so I was thinking it would help me out so I wouldn’t eat that much…I am not into spicy food. But, I did end up eating a little to much.

So the day went well. I stopped myself from going to the vending machine. Taking a Free Cookie, and begging for bites of my friends lunch.
But once I got hungry…all bets were off the table. Yes I had a salad. Yes I didn’t have any dressing (not counting the salsa that was mixed in, she makes it from scratch with water and just the hot stuff). However I did over eat.

I learned from this that I have to eat something before work ends. That seems to be the point that I get hungry.

Okay NeverEver’s, the sun is almost down and it will be soon time to hit up the Hip Hop Ab’s with the Hubby! I am thinking about doing double to make up for that dinner. Let you all know!!

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