Cleanse – Day 2

Hey NeverEver’s!!

Its Tuesday. One day closer to the weekend that just can’t come fast enough for me. I just can’t wait for Vegas and EDC this weekend.

But, what I mainly came here to write about is about my cleanse…the Day 2 of my Cleanse to be exact.

Day 2 started off strong. Well after I got to work is was really strong. Before…well the snooze button really should have never been created.

This time I wasn’t that busy so I had my green tea and my cold shakeology ready to go at the same time. Finished the Green Tea first. Just some advise…don’t forget to take out the tea bag. I forgot and man did that tea get strong.

But then it got busy. Super busy. And then I got hungry…and it was only 10ish. So since my lunch was supposed to be at 11:30 I decided to just wait, after having some grapes, for my lunch time. Well I ended up not going to lunch until a little after 12. So needless to say I was hungry and I decided to have the salad for lunch.

There is a little store by work that serves all different kinds of salad. This one was to be the ‘Asian Chicken Salad’, and it is delicious. But this time I got it without the dressing and ate it as is. Still not bad. But with dressing it is better…not gonna lie.

Also, I didn’t do my lunch run. I was feeling super sore from last nights Hip Hop Ab’s Total Body Workout but I would have done it…if a treadmill was open. Another reason why I don’t like going to lunch late. No treadmill. GRRR

Getting back into work after lunch it was just as busy as when I left it. Good thing – the day goes by faster…Bad thing – you can’t really get up to get water…or anything.

Once I got home I was feeling tired. However, I wasn’t sure if that was just from my day at work, the cleanse at work, or just being physically tired from the workouts. And the suckie part of it…I still don’t have an answer as to why I was tired.

However, the Hubby is who got me up and moving at the end of the day. By myself I probably would have just stayed in bed reading. But he said ‘No’. So I compromised with him. No Hip Hop Ab’s but he can join me for my nightly walk.

Well that walk turned into him power walking and my jogging beside him. Yes my legs are that bloody short that I have to jog to keep up -_-.

So it was a good workout. I got a good sweat on and I moved those muscles that I needed to move. Thank you Hubby for getting me up and out there.

All in All it was a pretty good day. I had a moment of temptation when I went to pick up the salad (there was a poppyseed muffin) but I was able to power through that. I don’t feel deprived so far. All though all this liquids sure have made the bathroom my friend.

Okay NeverEver’s! It is time for me to get my shower and bed on. Need to rest up for tomorrows Shaun T’s workout 0_o.

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