Cleanse – Day 3 – The Final Day

Hey NeverEver’s!

Happy Wednesday. I hope you all had a great day! Especially since it is Hump Day and that much closer to the weekend!

For me this day felt kind of blah. I felt like I wasn’t able to accomplish anything. Even though I did…I felt that it was more repeating the same stuff over again. Things that I went through before, or things that I thought I handled and yet them came back again.

It was just one of those days. I also think this had to do with the cleanse as well. Since for the 3rd day in a row I am eating and drinking the same thing it made it all the more blah. I guess doing the same thing over and over again isn’t for me.

But on to the cleanse…The Final Day!

Day 3 is basically the same thing as the other days.

  • Lots of liquids
  • Lots of Shakeology
  • Salad
  • And More Liquids

The same as Day 1 and Day 2.

What I want to concentrate on is how I feel and what I learned from this cleanse.

Especially since it just hit me that I didn’t weigh in before the start of this -_-. However that has been taken care of for future.

So how did I feel?

  • I didn’t feel hungry
  • I didn’t feel deprived
  • I had energy – mostly but my one slump I am putting more on work
  • I was able to workout
  • The bathroom was used a LOT more then before but that is to be expected
  • I felt good about myself
So what did I learn? 
  • I can eat fewer calories
  • Eating a more fulling lunch will keep me satisfied longer and not be as hungry for dinner
  • I can drink lots of water
  • Watching what I am eating doesn’t mean I will starve
  • I miss my shakeology with almond milk
  • I can do it
Would I recommend this cleanse to anyone? Yes. I would however recommend that you do it during a 3 day weekend so you don’t have to deal with work and everything that can bring.
Am I satisfied with the results of this cleanse? Yes. I do feel that my pants are looser and even though I didn’t weigh myself I do feel lighter. 
Would I do this cleanse again? Yes. But not for a while. The official page recommends it every 3 months. 
Now what am I going to do about myself not getting weighed? I know there are people that hate weighing. Feel that it is horrible and I get that. And if I become a person that has to weigh themselves everyday…I am going to get rid of it. BUT, I need to know where I stand. Soooo
I got myself a scale. Its from Target and was only $29.00. Not bad for something that can have up to 4 users on it. Now I have no excuse not to do the Weekly Weigh In ^_^. 
Okay NeverEver’s, I am leaving you all with this. I got to get my outfits ready for EDC. I finished my first one before writing this…which is why this is so late lol.
Its a corset with a tutu and I am going to have leggings underneath. Working on Outfit 2 and Outfit 3 right now! See you all tomorrow for some Motivational Thursday!! 

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