June in Review!

Hello NeverEver’s!!

Looks who is writing on a Friday?!? Yes I am totally awesome and amazing and awesome…wait I already said awesome. No its you guys who are awesome I am just to hot to do anything else but write the review for this Month.

 So where should I start? Lets start at the beginning…with the Calendar! I just got back from a week hiatus because of some family drama and I was going to come back strong! I knew it. June was going to be my month! And in some ways it was.

I didn’t follow the calendar though. Only woke up early once to do the morning workout. That is something that I really want to work on.

But I did do my first week of official Food Prep! It was awesome and something that I am going to be doing more. So easier just to relax and know what was going to be for dinner…just warm it up. Amazing.

The Hubby also started to really workout with me in the evenings. Thank you Shaun T and Hip Hop Ab’s! It is something that is fun for both of us and it works us OUT!

It really does push you to have someone else workout with you. Especially when you are keeping up with them or even passing them ^_^

Ended up going to the beach twice this month. First time I came back with a NASTY blister, but thank you for the idea of using that blister band-aid…it worked like magic. But the second time it was nothing but FUN!

  I was finally able to wear my flowly skirt that I have been DYING to try for a while. It was perfect weather and area for it. I felt soooo pretty ^_~

I also decided to do the Shakeology Cleanse this month. It wasn’t something that I planned…well more then a few days out, but I think I worked it well. The family supported me while I was doing this so it made it easier. 

 Day 1 – Getting into the swing of things. Was starving by the time I got home from work

Day 2 – Learned the secret in how not to be staving by the time I got home
Day 3 – Liked the results ^_^
And then there was EDC 2013. It was what I had planned for the whole month. Dreamed about for the whole year and in no way was ready for. 

But with the Hubby ALL things are fun (that’s one of the reasons why I keep him lol). And it was time to dance / walk the night away. 

Oh and wear some of the costumes that I had created for this event. Dressing up was so much fun PLUS I got myself a tutu that I can wear to my 5k’s! Its multi purpose ^_~

Hubby went with a super hero complex. Superman the first night and Batman the second night. 

Plus we had to ride some of the free carnival rides. It was amazing to see the crowds from high up…so many people!

 Plus there was just normal Vegas itself and we had to make a small trip to Paris! I mean hey…its gonna be a few years before I can make it to the real thing.

However, all of this doesn’t lead up to the one thing that I am most proud of this month. But before I get into that what am I proud of?

5. I did a cleanse and felt good about myself
4. I found out that I can eat less and still feel satisfied
3. Hubby and I found our outside exercise pace. I shuffle jog while he speeds walks. Its beautiful ^_^
2. I finally got myself a scale. No more second guessing or wondering…I KNOW!

1. #BUTTONUP Challenge

At the beginning of this year I accepted a challenge from a bloggy friend Steph from Orange Spoken to pick 1 clothing item that you couldn’t button up or get all the way up. 
So I chose the above items. I got them LAST year for Summer and well I wasn’t able to get them past my junk in the trunk (hehe pg wording)
I kept them in the drawer and kept looking at them at least once a month, the drawer also holds my hair dryer so its hard to miss really…
BUT…I am now able to get them up and over the junk in the trunk! 

 It may not look perfect. It may still be tight and in NO way am I wearing this outside. But it is on and further up then ever before.

So I am ending June on a high note. Now to get ready for July!

NeverEver’s, how was your month? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to? Did you fall half way? short? Let me know!

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