July Workout – Day 1 Stats

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to the first day of July.This is when Summer really starts for me. Not the First Day of Summer but the First Day of July! I hope it was nice and cool for all of you!! It was about 90 something here and I felt it. It is a good thing that there is a lovely little creation called an AC Unit. Its wonderful, not sure how people survived without it.

Yes I don’t do well in the heat. Not at all. Give me rain, Give me Snow…I can dress up for that. I can use layers for it. But Heat…Oh no…there is only so much we are legally allowed to bare, and I don’t cross that line ^_~.

Anyways, talking about the heat is making me sweat so I am going to change the subject to my July Calendar!

Today was Day 1 of Hip Hop Ab’s!

And it was a success! Got the Hubby up…after some poking and prodding but after that it was on! We moved…We grooved and We sweated! Not sure if how much we sweated was a product of the workout or the heat. But the sweat was on!

It was a good Day 1.

However, I am proud of myself. I went above my calendar and I did an earlier workout. Although, it might have to do with that slice of cake I had half of more then anything else…

Yup I ran today! It felt good to get back on that teadmill and move! My left ankle did a little bit of freezing up on me towards in the end but I powered through and massaged it out. I am really hoping that it doesn’t happen again. Not very comfortable!

Had my normal Oriental Chicken Salad today. I am actually missing cooking my own meals but as I really wont be at home from Wednesday on I didn’t want to go shopping and not use it. Next week it is back ot Food Planning!

However, it is time to get on to the Stats that I promised you all!

As Monday is right after the weekend, and I usually have the biggest issue with maintaining the Healthy Lifestyle on the Weekends. I have decided that my Weigh In day will be Monday Nights. Can’t really bullsh!t myself on what I did on the weekend if I have the proof in the scale.

But, as I was setting up my July schedule / calendar on Friday I weighed myself on Friday. Just to see where I was starting from and where I wanted to go. The scale on Friday said 204.4…

As you can see that isn’t the number that the scale is saying now.

Yes I did a little jig (off the scale) when I saw that number. That number shows progress and I really…really like progress.

So here are the rest of my Stats:

  • Waist – 43 1/3
  • Chest – 44 1/2 (seriously!)
  • Left & Right Arms – 16 1/2
  • Thighs – 23 1/2

I did forget to measure the bum…but I will get it next time. Its been years since the last time I measured myself so these numbers aren’t so much of a shock as something that I am gonna change!

Okay NeverEver’s, I gotta tell you. I am feeling super sleepy right now. Gonna finish my water w/ chia seeds and head to bed. I do got some awesome stuff coming up for you guys! So make sure you make it back ^_^

Have you got a summer plan yet? When is the last time you measured yourself? 

2 thoughts on “July Workout – Day 1 Stats

  1. I try to take my measurements once a month so I'm neverever shocked when I see them but I have been known to do my own jig when I have changed more than I expected from one month to another!! With today being my first day of Marathon training, My summer plan is to run, run, and run with a side of lifting and spin for good measure and balance. I feel like I am in the best place I have been in years this summer and there are only good things coming my way :O

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