What Happens If You Don’t Eat Breakfast

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to the day before Fourth of July! Or in some places it might already be the Fourth of July. If it is I hope you are all sleeping well!

However, I want to do this post about something very important. Something that I thought I didn’t need. Or at least not all the time. Something that we all over look sometimes.

Its called — Breakfast!

Yup Breakfast. I didn’t have it today. Today until lunch wasn’t fun…it wasn’t fun at all. Plus I wasn’t able to do my Lunch Run because I was too hungry!

Yup…I was not happy with myself. Here is how I felt this morning.

  • Very Hungry
  • Hunger made me Irritable
  • Low Energy
  • Could only think about food
  • Not able to do my Lunch Run
Now when I do have breakfast? Either my Shakeology or a Breakfast item I am
  • Not Hungry
  • My Stomach doesn’t dictate my mood
  • I don’t have food on my mind (which makes it easier to pass up office cake, cookies and donuts
  • Energy is good
  • I CAN do my Lunch Run
The differences are amazing. And I personally like not having my mind on food and making me hungrier. So Breakfast is EXTREMELY important. Plus this is just what my opinion on the matter is. Here is the Expert Opinions
  • Gives you Energy for ALL day
  • Establishes a Healthy Eating Pattern 
  • More efficient at Work
  • Helps get your nutrients early in the day
  • Helps with Weight Control
So I am making it a goal to make sure I am out of the house WITH breakfast. Even if I am running late the benefits of having my breakfast really out weighs not having it. 
Today was Day 0 for Anime Expo! So many people, it took 2 hours to get through the pre-registration line. I swear if it wasn’t so cheap to get the tickets early I would just buy them at day 0…that line had no one in it lol. But, Hubby and I were dancing (more shuffling) through the line and it is gonna be worth it! 
After heading home I told the Hubby that I wanted to do a workout. He wasn’t into the idea, which its his choice so thats fine, so I went with something new today instead of using Hip Hop Ab’s. 
Yup, I did Slim in 6. I felt that my left leg was just a little too tight for all the jumping Hip Hop Ab’s has me do. So Slim in 6 was just perfect! It is a great workout that really does push me, I just happen to like all that jumping Shaun T has me doing ^_^. 
Okay NeverEver’s, I am getting tired. It is time for me to hit the bed. I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July and don’t forget t check out my Special Motivational Thursday tomorrow ^_~

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