Motivational Thursday – Independence Day Version

Hey NeverEver’s!

Its Thursday and Its Independence Day! Yes I like saying Independence Day instead of July 4th. I am old fashioned ^_~

However, today is special because I have put together an Independence Day Motivational Thursday!!

This one just seemed awesome!! 

This is what I am going to be doing for the PotLuck that I am going to later today!
If I can find some stars I am doing this one as well ^_~

Yes. I never regretted taking that jog! 
What. It is completely true!
I can try to do this…but it won’t look as pretty! 

This works for us Night Owls too! 

Don’t forget while your eating some BBQ add some fruit to that plate! 
Okay NeverEver’s, Its back to Anime Expo for me! I will see you all back on Sunday!!! Have a fun, safe and a great Independence Day! 

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