High Points = The Workouts?!?

Hey NeverEver’s!!

Tuesday..its Tuesday. What happened I was going through all day thinking it was Wednesday. Yes it was one of those days! And I even had breakfast ^_^.

But I have to say that I am really happy its not Wednesday. Because the Hubby’s birthday is on Wednesday and I just NOW got the cake. Trying this Cuban Banana Rum Cake. Never had it before but it has lots of fruit on top, a whole mango, and that is what he likes. Pictures tomorrow! It currently hiding at my cousins house…since the Hubby would totally peek if it was in the kitchen.

So now that I got the cake out of the way. Lets get on to the workouts of the day ^_~

The day was SUPPOSED to start the day with Boot Camp. Well that didn’t happen. Nope I slept in. To be honest I am not sure if it was my body telling me that I needed to sleep or if it just the habit of actually sleeping to the last minute. My bet would be a little bit of both. But I will be there on Thursday. Especially since there is cake on Wednesday!!

 But my day got better as it went on. I got my lunch run on and I did the whole 1.55 miles for my 5K training plan! I am feeling pretty comfortable with running for longer periods and not having to take as many ‘walking breaks’. My right arm did get a little ‘pinch’ but I was able to move it around where it didn’t bug me any longer.

I will tell you I was sweating by the end of it. Not sure if you can see but there is drops of sweat on my forehead. AND there was a fan in the workout room today. I am loving the feeling of pushing my body to my known limits and seeing that I can handle it. It’s a good…no Great feeling!

Then there was the evening Hip Hop Ab’s with the Hubby! I was the one to push him to workout instead of him pushing me. I know he isn’t going to want to workout tomorrow as its his birthday. I gave him the options. Either he workouts today or he has to workout tomorrow. That got him up and going.

Tonight’s workout I do have to say it was harder today. We are still doing the Cardio Burn 1 and haven’t moved up (Hubby wants to do it next week -_-). I am guessing that I am working the same muscles so they are getting just a little sore. So I had to push a little harder and it felt all that much better when it was finally the ‘cool down’.

But tonight’s workout isn’t the only thing I had to get my workout clothes ready for the rest of the week at work! I love how I have enough workout outfits that I can actually color code and match ^_^. Makes me feel like such an exerciser!

Really these were the high points of my day. Which still continues to surprise me. The fact that I look forward to working out (on most days) and they have become high points in my life.

But now its time for bed. Feeling tired and I just finished watching America’s Got Talent.

Do you have enough workout clothes to color code? What is your secret to waking up early?

One thought on “High Points = The Workouts?!?

  1. I love it. I need more work out clothing. I am such a penny pincher in some areas and that is one of them. I think I need to find ones I like so that would add to the excitement of working out. The secret to waking up early is to go to bed earlier. I suck at that and so I have been having trouble with this. I did great at the beginning of June. I decided that I needed to photograph the sunrise so I would take my cam on my runs and find beauty in the morning sun. My daughter asked me what was better…sunsets or sunrises. I think being out in nature at the break of dawn is magical. The air is crisper. It is quieter. And the smells are different. I think I prefer morning runs…just gotta roll out of bed to experience them. It is a challenge! =)

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