Time to Go On An Adventure – Ethos Adventures

Hey NeverEver’s,

As you all know I really do enjoy hiking. It just happens that I get lost…a lot. It really isn’t my fault, I just to be directionally challenged and I am not just talking about how short I am ^_^. So I love it when I find something that can help me find my way so I can have a great time instead of getting lost and having a ‘decent’ time.

And that’s why I found Ethos Adventures. Now Ethos Adventure is all about setting up a ‘Custom Adventure’ for people to have a great time out in the wilds of the world! They give you all the information you need for the location you pick.

Is it going to be hot? Do you need hiking boots or sneakers? Does the place have any poisonous plants or did a mud slide recently occur? Is the way to the beach the right trail or the left trail?

They let you know everything you need to know for a fun great time!

And as if that isn’t enough, they are now setting up an App for iPhones and Andriods. So you can have all that information at your finger tips.

So here are some of the things that the App will be offering:

  • Choose Your Own Adventure App is the first outdoor adventure app to offer Real-World User Interaction. It is more then a map to the trails or restaurant reviews, it gives you an Adventure!
  • Busy but want an Adventure? They have the perfect balance. Instead of the user figuring out what exactly to see and where exactly to go the App can take care of the details so you can feel the experience better.
  • Eco-Friendly. Yup who knew an app could lead to an Eco-Friendly Adventure? Well this one can and does. Lets say you are headed to a trail and the beach. You can drive to the trial and hike it all the way to the beach, or if you don’t want to hoof it to the Beach the app will give you the most eco way to get to the Beach. So you save emissions and gas (win win situation). Its all about the choices.
  • Get to your location and you can have a different adventure each time. How is that? Well the app can give you up to 16 different potential outcomes. And its all dependent on YOU. So even if you start at the same location each time, the adventure can be different. Learn to surf one time, bike ride on a trail or head to the park for a picnic.

But really I love the idea of an app that can create an adventure that I want to go on. No seconding guessing or relying on old information. No bring the wrong equipment. Just the opportunity to be with nature and enjoy it!

The app is still in the stages of being made and Ethos Adventure needs our help. You can check out the plan here but the bottom line is that to create this wonderful idea of an app into a reality it takes some money. But looking at all you get with the customization its well worth helping this App get off the ground.

Besides, California, we need to get out more. We need to enjoy this state that is ours and what better way to do it then with an Adventure?

So Check out Ethos Adventures, See what people who have already experienced their Adventures have to say and then check out all about the App and what YOU can expect from it.

Also, don’t forget to check them out on their facebook page Ethos Adventures. Or my personal favorite their instagram EthosAdventures! So many pretty pictures of place that I want to go to!

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