Healthy Living is Taking Over

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Sunday!! My internal clock is so off. I was thinking that yesterday was Sunday and today was Monday. Which is a nice because I really didn’t want it to be Monday! Of course no one really looks forward to Monday…unless its a 3 day weekend ^_~.

So I have been thinking lately…okay actually the idea came to me about 10 minutes ago but who is keeping record of this ^_^. But, I have been thinking about how, without me even thinking about it, healthy choices have become apart of my life. Of course I am still working at it. But here is how Healthy Choices have invaded my life, for the good ^_^.

  • Soda is now WAY to sweet for me and I get an upset stomach if I have more then 2 sips. 
  • I went to Panda Express on Friday and instead of getting a normal 2 plate I went with the bowl and still couldn’t eat it. 
  • I don’t feel right if I don’t get some type of exercise in that day. Even if its just walking around the neighborhood
  • The only snacks in the house is fruits, veggies and yogurt and light cottage cheese (still loving it)
  • I end up making my own parfait instead of buying one. 
  • Salads are pretty yummy
  • Breakfast is so important! Plus it makes it for the whole day!
  • Water, Tea’s, Juices have become my go to drinks. 
  • I have been planning my social events around running events
And these are the ones that I have been thinking about. It still surprising me that this is really taking over my life. It is a good thing. It is a great thing! It just shows that making the small changes really do take over your everything in your life.
I am really looking forward to my Weigh In for tomorrow! I have been feeling very confident and my clothes are definitely getting looser! So I will be seeing you tomorrow! 

One thought on “Healthy Living is Taking Over

  1. Best of luck with your weigh-in. It's amazing how just little adjustments to your daily life can lead to such big change in your overall health. It sounds like you are on a great path. Keep up the good work!

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