July Workout – Day 15 Stats

Hey NeverEver’s!!

July is half done! I can’t believe it. But drinking my Chia Seed Water I think its been an amazing Month so far. Hubby turned 30, I have been on a steady losing steak, and I finally got Hubby to agree to the next workout with Shaun T ‘Total Body Workout’ (that was a really big step in success!)

So my little steps have made me really happy. However, today I made some big steps…well steps in the right direction anyways.

I joined a 5 Day SlimDown Group with a awesome Friend of mine Alissa! She is an amazing person that I go to when I need some motivation. Or a kick in the butt. Either one she is really good at ^_~. But she and a few of her friends created a group that for the next 5 days the goal is to concentrate on Healthy Eating, Exercising and of course Motivating Others. Its the second time that I have done this group and this time I am really hitting this group hard!

First thing that was needed was to post a Before Picture. Well that is easy ^_^

Now after taking this photo I really didn’t look at it. Like really look at it. But once I did I saw something that made me so damn happy! These before pictures look so different from my original before picture. However, because Hubby pointed out that my posture is different from my original photos I will not be doing a side by side comparison. At least not yet ^_~.

I did do my work workout. It just happened to be after work. Not sure if I really want to do that again or not…still deciding if I want to stay after work to use the gym. I did a Mile Run then headed to the weights for some arm and leg exercises. Just the basic, weighted squats, walking squats, and arm presses. After that it was time to Sprint. I really wanted to see how long I could go and give it all out. And that distance is 0.38. Will be doing better next time ^_^.

After I got home the Hubby surprised me with a shoe holder on the door. Apparently I have alot of shoes…well I mean tons of shoes. And to tell the truth…I will probably be buying more since it opened up some space ^_~. Yes I love my shoes and my heels.

But after staring at my shoe collection it was time for Hip Hop Ab’s! It was also time to move to the next level and go to Total Body Workout 1! That title isn’t lying. It is really a total body workout and so worth it. I am going to be SORE I just know it! But I am so happy that we finally moved up!

Since I have BootCamp in the morning I decided that my normal excuses to not making my lunch doesn’t count. I had to make my lunch, snacks and make sure to get my Shakeology for Breakfast. So I made

  • Blueberry Parfait with Granola Crumple (non fat unflavored yogurt)
  • Apple Salad with Fat Free Raspberry Dressing
  • Fruit – Plenty of Fruit!

I am ready for tomorrow!

Anyways its time for my Weigh In!

Starting Weight
Last Weigh In
Current Weight
Total Weight Lost
4 Pounds in 15 Days. 
On the truthful side I am a little disapointed that I wasn’t able to get under 200 but that is ok. I lost weight and that is what counts! 
Okay NeverEver’s, I got Boot Camp in the morning so I am headed to bed. It is time for sweet dreams until 4am (whimper). 
So how many shoes do you have? Heels or Flats? How do you feel when you move to the next level on a workout? 

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