The Highs and The Lows

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Tuesday! How was it today? It wasn’t that great for me as it was kind of stressful at work. Seemed like it was never ending. It started way to early to tell the truth and didn’t finish until I got home.

Starting early last night I decided to try Dream Water. It is supposed to help you sleep better and let you wake up more energized. I thought it would be perfect since I had Boot Camp in the morning. Hey it was already 11 by the time I finished up everything. So I tried it. It didn’t taste bad and I had the Hubby have half. Well around 1 am I woke up with that feeling in my stomach, the ‘uh oh, something isn’t feeling right’. I did try to ignore it but suddenly I wasn’t able to. The Dream Water upset my stomach so much that I had to throw up a few times. No bueno.

So the Hubby wouldn’t let me get up for Boot Camp. He felt that I didn’t get enough sleep and with my stomach not feeling all that well he said no. Although I agree with him of course, it wasn’t easy for me to just allow myself not to go. I wanted to go, but I had to think about myself at that time. Not to easy.

But I made it up. With my lunch workout…kind of

If you have been following along I have been having left leg issues. Usually in my calf it seizes up like a charlie horse and other times its in my heel on my left foot. Always the left leg grr. Anyways, today it was the heel that was bugging me so I did what a co-worker recommended. Add hills. Walk it out. So for 1 mile I did between 9.0 – 12.5 level height and it wasn’t easy! Even though my walking speed didn’t go over 3.5 it was still tough walking up those hills. I kept wanting to grab on to the rails but I kept saying ‘NO’.

I did a mile and called it a day on the treadmill. Went to have my lunch salad. Which I am LOVING! It a spinach salad with apples and my light raspberry dressing. It tastes amazing and its really fulfilling!

Then it was time for my home workout. After an hour of just relazing while my Hubby was watching his Novella. I really needed it after work and it was just nice to just lay down and not think about anything except the book. Which…I need some new book suggestions, got any?
Today was the 2nd day of the Total Body Workout. And when Shaun T says its a Total Body Workout its really a Total Body Workout. OY! I even did the weight section with weights! Ya they are only 2 lb’s but that is more then my bare hands. I need to find my 3 lb’s for the Hubby…not sure where they are. 
It feels so much better to have it done then not have it done. I sweated, grunted and used some well placed words to get me through it. But it got done and that makes me happy. 

Then it was time for Food Prep. Don’t get me wrong I really like doing my Food Prep at the beginning of the week, it makes things so much easier and just not time consuming. But, knowing myself as I do, that really wont happen. So I do it the night before. Today is…

  • Apple Salad with Crispy Onion’s and Light Raspberry Dressing
  • Light Cottage Cheese with Strawberries and Blueberries
  • 1 cup of Grapes
However, it is time for a confession. I allowed work stress to get to me. I allowed my leg pain to get to me. I allowed some family drama get to me. And I ate it all. 
  • Half a Glazed Doughnut. I actually threw the rest away because I just couldn’t stand the taste of it. 
  • 1 slice of cake for a birthday of a coworker. Seriously it was gone before I even knew it. 
Now those where at work. I get it. There are pitfalls, candies and sweets, all through out the office. That is the world that I am in. I cannot allow those temptations to get to me. I cannot allow to eat my feelings. I am still learning this and it will take some time. I am okay with that. 
So that is why I worked so hard on my workout. Why I added weights to my workout. Yes I messed up, Yes I had sweets but I worked out. I didn’t allow myself, because of 2 bad decisions, to not finish the day strong. 
Okay NeverEver’s, I think that is really everything that happened today. It has its Highs and it had its Lows. I am ready for an even better tomorrow. 
When you have a bad day, what do you do? On Food Prepping…on Sunday or the Night Before? 

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