Hey NeverEver’s!!

Its Wednesday finally! YAY. Hump Day…only 2 days until the weekend! Plus I didn’t have any food slip up’s which makes today awesome!

Today, with my umm slip up yesterday, I decided to do a WIAW or What I Ate Wednesday. It was my way of making sure I didn’t eat anything that I shouldn’t have. Because, it is so easy to make 1 bad mistake into a bigger one by continuing it. So lets see what I ate ^_~

Started the day with some coffee and an apple. 
Plus I got my water in. This was my first one! 
Then it was my Lunch Run and my Lunch. Did a run with walking with some hills. I think my next 5K is going to be a little hilly so I want to be able to power walk up those sucks. 
However, for Lunch I went with my Spinach Salad with Apples. It is delicious and very filling. Water to Drink ^_~
Got my 2nd water bottle of the day. Still trying to drink 3 of these things while I am at work. 
Was feeling the hunger so I reached for one of my snacks. 1 cup of grapes. It is such an easy go to snack. Love it, especially when I am busy at work. 
However, I did come home super hungry! If I wasn’t so busy at work I would have had my other snack but just didn’t have time. So when I found out that the Mother in Law was making Sopes I was SOO happy!

This is how it looked at the end. Added some of the guacamole and lots of spinach. They were so yummy! Exactly what I was needing by the end of the day. 
Then it was time for the night workout. It was back to Cardio Workout and Hubby challenged me to wear weights through out the whole DVD. So I had the wrist weights and Hubby did the hand held. It really did make a workout that is becoming easier…suddenly harder. I was sweating by the end…really sweating. 
Then I surprised the Hubby with a Night Walk! It was really nice out and a good way to cool down from that sweaty Hip Hop Ab’s. Hubby did a nice walk while I had to power walk to make sure I didn’t fall behind. 
So NeverEver’s, that is my WIAW. I am quite happy with it and even happier that I didn’t allow a bad decision to effect the rest of my week. It is time for me to call it a night!
Do you take pictures of your food? Does it help you keep track of what you are eating? 

2 thoughts on “WIAW

  1. I don't take pictures of my food, but I do track it (most of the time) in SparkPeople. That definitely keeps me accountable. And right now, I'm doing a Clean Eating challenge that I blog about, so that REALLY keeps me accountable. And I don't know what sopes are, but it looks/sounds delicious!

  2. I'm a little obsessed with taking pictures of my food. I'm not sure why, but it sometimes gets on my husband's nerves….

    The best way that I hold myself accountable is using the MyFitnessPal on my iPhone.

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