Gah! It’s been a year ALREADY! — Giveaway —

Hey NeverEver’s!!

Okay so I really thought that this thing was next week. I was planning for next week. But no I just look back and it says 7/23/2012 as my first post. Oh looking back has so many memories but I am getting distracted ^_^.

So I am going to be hosting a giveaway to make this occasion memorable!! But before I get into that I want to review this past year…this might get painful lol.

Ah my first post. I remember it like it was yesterday (I am allowed to do this…its in the rules I swear ^_^). But seriously, it wasn’t an easy post to write. They never are I think. Its the first time that you are writing for strangers. People you have never even met before are going to know your high moments and your low moments. Its hard enough when it is just your family or friends but strangers? Oh boy.

But, I had been dreaming about doing this for years. It was something that I wanted to do. Hell, I even got the name down before I had my writing style ^_~.

Then there was the idea to label each post starting with what day it was. Like Day 1, or Day 3 and so on. I got to Day 56 then quit doing that. I didn’t like how I was missing days because I didn’t write. So things started changing. And personally I think its for the better.

But I do have to say that I miss having the BodyMedia Stats. I just not sure how I can post it with dinner on it…mmhhh.

I think I finally hit my stride when I started doing my blogging challenges. With AroundThePlate, #Holidayaday Instgram Challenge, 2013 Closeout Workout Challenge by SweetToothSweetLife (LOVE HER) and who can really forget (if you were reading blogs back then) the #Elf4Health.

Those challenges really brought me out of my own little shell and into the rest of the blogging universe. In which I met some wonderful people.

Then it was time for all my 5K’s that I have done so far. I found out that I actually like running. Go figure.

And in reality I can’t wait to see what my 2nd year of blogging will get me into. I have met some wonderful people, I have ran in 5k’s, brought things for my blog and have lost weight (not much but I have). I have hit my stride and it is going to be an amazing 2nd year, I just know it.

Now to make it even more amazing…I am doing a Giveaway for this very important event ^_~.

I am giving away 1 Big Item and 8 Small Items.

The 8 Small Items are these babies from SweatPink!

I am giving 1 each of them to 8 lucky people. However, that isn’t all…the Big Item isssss

Me! No I am kidding…no you really wouldn’t like to win me I promise ^_~. Β It is a Size M Sweat Pink Tank Top! I just had to show it with how it looks on me (I have a large, don’t worry the ‘M’ hasn’t be worn, washed or even touched!)

So enter! You know you really want too!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you all stick with me for another year (maybe more yes ^_^). It has been so much fun to write this out most nights and just share everything with all of you.

8 thoughts on “Gah! It’s been a year ALREADY! — Giveaway —

  1. Happy Blogiversary from a fellow SPA! πŸ™‚

    It is always refreshing to “meet” other fitness/food bloggers who are into HEALTH and not being skinny. I love it and love your blog!

  2. I've only recently found your blog (via Facebook… and thanks for liking my FB page, Navigating the Curves of Life), but I've loved what I've read so far. I feel like I'm where you were a year ago with blogging, and it's inspiring to see you going strong and posting motivating updates. I think it was a general search for fitness-focused pages that first got me to you.

    Happy Blogiversary!!

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