I Love (Hate) Running

Hey NeverEver’s!

Power was out yesterday so we basically just sat in the dark (we don’t have candles…which is something I am going to remedy) and played some of our boardgames. The phones went dead pretty quickly so it was like being in a little cocoon. No internet, No TV just us.

But I am glad that is over ^_~ Nothing is quite like the internet!

So update on my Weigh In. 
Last Weigh In – 200.4
Yup. I maintained. Which I am not surprised about. Yes I worked out last week, and I am happy with my workouts, but I didn’t really watch my food intake. I ate out a lot. So I maintained. 
This week I have food prepped my whole week. So I am pretty confident in my Weight Loss for this week! 
However, I wanted to show off a few runs that I have coming up. Nothing quite like having a 5K coming up to get the butt into gear ^_~
First off is the Splash Dash 5k
This one is coming up on 8/3/2013 (next Saturday oh boy)
But doesn’t it look like so much fun? 
It is also supposed to be hot that day so I think its perfect. Gotta say I really love Groupon!!
Second is – Ready Set Glow
Yes I am doing another night run! They are so much fun! 
Plus this one I am not only running with the Hubby but also a Friend! 
It is going to be epic! 
This one is on August 17th. 
The Third Race is a Virtual Run
This one also comes with a Medal that I just LOVE! Have I told anyone that I am a Beauty and the Beast Fan? No? Well I am. Major. So when I say this I just had to get it. 
Also, I will be running this one alone. Hubby isn’t into Virtual Runs. 
Oh isn’t it so pretty! They also have a Half Marathon Beast Medal…but I am just not up to that yet. 
Really can not wait to get this Beauty!! 

The Fourth is – Bubble Run
Now this one I am running with the Hubby and another Friend!
I just love the ideas of Bubbles instead of Colors. I mean get clean while running right!?!?
Running this one on October 26th. 

 Yes I will also be updating my Race Page with all of these awesome runs that are coming up! I still can’t believe that I will not be running any of these alone but with Friends and the Hubby! Makes training for these all that much sweeter…especially since all of them can out pace me by just walking -_-. Sometimes having short legs and being on 5’0 isn’t awesome.

But I do have a love hate relationship with running. Currently running has been giving me better times on my 5K’s and I feel more confident then ever before when I see the track. But on the downside I am getting Plantar Fasciitis. Which basically means that I get heel pain every time I get up after sitting down for a while. In the morning I look like a 95 old grandma hobbling from the bed. Not fun.

I am going to the doctors as soon as I get insurance to see if anything can be done (not likely). But I didn’t have this issue before running. However, I do love running enough that I am not going to give it up. I like the freedom and how I have been pushing myself harder and longer then ever before.

So NeverEver’s, running does it for you or no? Have any races coming up?

2 thoughts on “I Love (Hate) Running

  1. LOVE running! I've been very unhappy with it the past few weeks because I've been recovering from a tonsillectomy, which has been nothing short of hellish, but I'm back and couldn't be happier!

    I have a Stadium Challenge 5K, a Color Me Rad race, the Tower of Terror 10 Miler, the Space Coast Half and a virtual 5k on the calendar for the rest of the year. I'm ready!

    I hope you get some relief for your heels. That sounds miserable.

  2. Oh wow those sound like some fun races!! I really like the Tower of Terror 10. Reminds me of DisneyLand. And I am really glad to hear that you are back. Tonsillectomy doesn't sound like any fun. Not at all!!

    What is good about the heel issue, is that it only hurts right when you stand up. After you get moving you are good to go. Happily!

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