Camping, Sunburns and Color, oh my!

Hey NeverEver’s!

If you haven’t already seen me all burnt up don’t worry your chance is below ^_~. No but seriously, never confuse bug replant with SPF. NEVER. Especially if you are going to be on a 12 mile hike and your SPF is back at the camp ground. Just warning you all.

I really hate burning. I don’t like it and am usually pretty good with the SPF. I learned my lesson (or so I thought) about 4 years ago when I ended up with 2nd degree burns on the 4th of July. That day I didn’t have any SPF on and it didn’t end pretty. So after that pain and scare I am pretty good. Except when I think I already put it on and I didn’t.

Anyways, I want to get on to the camping. It was wonderful! So Beautiful! Lassen Volcanic Mountains is a sight to behold. A 9ish hour drive to get there but a sight to behold.

Hubby and I are definitely going back. We are planning next year on a 3 day weekend and kidnapping most of the family to take with us. Also, holding them hostage for gas money but that is a different story.

To be honest I haven’t weighed myself. I have been feeling really tired with the sun burn and still unpacking. As it is already the end of Tuesday I am going to hold off for this week. Lets start the weigh in again on Monday. Just wanted to let you all know that ^_^.

I do have a treat for you guys as well. And it is more then just my Giveaway (which is ending tomorrow fyi). I have a discount off a 5k!

Yup the Color My Rad 5k is currently offering 20% off any of their races from now to Wednesday. Which is pretty awesome, if you ask me. All you need to do is place in the promo code ‘ radfun ‘ and you get it. Simple! I signed up for their 5k next year, I already had another one of the date this year, and I choose to go to a city I never been in. Sacramento. Yup, I am going to be running in my states capital. Always driven by never in so it is going to be interesting ^_~.

Besides Color Run’s are so much fun and after looking at all the pictures I can’t help but want to run in the color again.

Okay NeverEver’s, I am getting ready to head to bed. Have to be honest this burn…this burn hurts and is just sucking all the energy out from me. Plus I can only get my arms to work like a T-Rex so reaching for stuff is out of the question. Thank goodness it is only going to last a day or two more.

Where do you guys like to camp at? Color Run’s your thing (I swear you should try it ^_^)?

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