Late Weigh In

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to the first Tuesday of August!! Can you believe that it is already August? It just seems that last month was January and I was doing my first 5K.

Talking about 5K’s…my Splash Dash was a bust. There was supposed to be multiple waves (as usual) so I signed up for the 2nd wave. Hey it has water, the mornings have been cool I wanted the sun up before I got wet. But, when we got there they cancelled the 2nd wave.  We were informed it was because not enough people showed up. We were given free passes to next year’s Splash Dash but grr.

However, the worst part wasn’t the fact that we didn’t run. It was that I allowed it to get into my head so where I didn’t want to do anything physical last weekend. I was so lazy, just vegging about in the house it wasn’t even funny. It has been a long time since I really done just ‘nothing’ the whole weekend. I didn’t even have energy to go out and enjoy the UFC Fight.

This attitude almost continued on until Monday. But at least I made sure to get a run in. Nothing else but a run. Kind of a shitty run but it was a run. That is what happens to me when I don’t run for a week and am stuck in a car traveling to and fro states.

I haven’t felt this bad running since I began. But today is another day and I am going to hit it hard during lunch.

Oh and I can’t wait to share with you all my lunch today. When I went shopping after work I got some peaches, cherries, grapes, oranges, and apples. In which I did some juicing last night for today and made myself a sourdough bread sandwich.
And tonight is going to be steak wrapped in turkey bacon with some potatoes. In my head it seems yummy…now lets just hope that it turns out right ^_^.

Anyways, I wanted to go on about the start of the month and the Weigh In.

Last Weigh In – 200.4 lb
In wish I maintained from the week before that. But on to yesterday’s Weigh In!
First off I really need to re-do the paint on my toe nails. Sorry about that. BUT…
I am in the 100’s. I am under 200. I haven’t been this small in a while. Long while.  
Okay so NeverEver’s, It is time for my lunch…which means it is time to run! But I will see you all tomorrow for WIAW! Yes I am addicted to it…leave me alone ^_^. 

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