Ready, Set Glow 5K – #8 of 13

Hey NeverEver’s!

First let me say that I feel horrible. Apparently, my little cough that I was feeling, and got from a co-worker that shall remain nameless, turned into something a little more sinister.

And that is why it was hurting to cough. Although I may or may not have made it worse by running yesterday’s 5K but that is neither here nor there. What is important is that I have medicine and a doctors note for work. Yup, I got all my duckies lined up in a row.

So, I am not sure how many posts, or workouts for that matter, you are going to be seeing this week. Apparently, my body feels like it just wants to rest, and sleep, and rest some more. I have no energy at times and other times I feel perfectly normal. Just wanted to give you all a nice heads up but I should be better soon, the doc only gave me 5 days of medicine so that should mean that I will be better in 5 days (right!!!).

Anyways, what I really want to talk about is my run last night! Yup my Ready, Set Glow 5K that was in Temecula, Ca and didn’t have the hill of death in it! Here is looking at you Love Mud Run and that evil hill!!

We started the night off right by stopping by the 99 cent store to get some glow sticks and some pins. Last race we were in they ran out of pins so we thought it best to keep a supply handy.

Then it was packet pick-up. Now if you never been to California…its a big state (don’t fight me on this Texas). From Los Angeles to Temecula its about a 2ish hour drive. So we didn’t do the early packet pickup we just came early on the day of.

Then it was time for pictures. This was Evelyn who decided to join us on the race itself! Thank you Groupon for making racing affordable for those of us that are just starting!! 

Hubby was of course wearing one of his birthday gift outfits. I really thought the neon was the perfect touch lol. 

I am not sure how or when I started posing like this…but it seems like I now post like this for every picture. But we were really just fooling around while waiting for it to get dark!! 

And more fooling around. But this one I just had to show…for obvious reasons! 
What was really nice is that Evelyn invited some of her other friends so we had a pretty decent group of runners / walkers! Actually most of them said they would be walking this 5k but the spirit of the run got into them and most of them jogged or even ran it. 

Now the Hubby wanted to run it. On a side note he hasn’t ran since high school but apparently he got about a 7 minute mile back then and wanted to see if he still had it. He finished the race at 30 minutes even and he wasn’t even happy about it! His calf started hurting him after the first mile so he alternated between power walking and running the rest of the race…and yet he still gets a 30 minute PR. Amazing
And here is my time. 42:48 for 3 miles. It was dusty, there was soft sand every where (think beach running oy) I haven’t run in over 2 weeks, plus I was sick and I still did a decent time. Oh and I ran my first mile none stop. Which in hindsight I probably should have kept that one to a slower pace so I didn’t blow myself out at first. 
But all in all I am pretty darn proud of my time. I am pretty darn proud that I finished and I didn’t allow my sickness to stop me. 
Now it is time for some more tea, cough syrup and bed time…most likely in that order. I will see you all when I can but really soon! 

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