A New Week – Back to Business!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Look who is done with coughing and feeling sick! This girl! Yay me. Ok in reality I still have a little bit of cough but I am not going to let that slow me down any more. It has been a week since my last workout…well almost a whole week and half really.

However, I am so backed up in laundry that it hurt just looking at it. Plus then it was Food Prep. I wanted it to be easy next week so I went to Fresh and Easy (favorite place) and got 4 of their 2 for $10 ready meals. Basically it has the chicken or meat already done with the flavor or herbs and you just cook it!

I also got some veggies sides that will be easy to make. Oh and I found a new bread that I can’t wait to try. It is a wheat bread with Chia and Flax seeds made in. I think it is going to be yummy but as I haven’t tried it yet I am not sure.

So at least my food is ready. Although for Monday – Wednesday I decided that I am going to be doing the Shakeology Cleanse.

I feel that since I have been sick and haven’t been watching what I have been eating. Plus those soups have TONS of sodium, even though I tried to water them down. It is time to just re-clean out my system.

So I got my Food Prep ready, My Cleanse ready to go for Monday – Wednesday, now it is time to go for my Workout Plan.

My Workout Plan is going to be adding something different. Since my foot is still giving me pains I have decided to add in…swimming to my routine. It is a low impact, high burning exercise that I kind of suck at. Yes I am bad at swimming so really I can only get better ^_~. Anyways, here is my routine for this week.

Sunday – Unlease Your Inner Wonder Woman 5K

Monday – Morning Swim, Work, Rowing

Tuesday – Morning Bootcamp, Work, Lunch Run

Wednesday – Morning Swim, Work, Rowing

Thursday – Morning Bootcamp, Work, Lunch Run

Friday – Morning Swim, Work, Rowing

Saturday – Off

I still can’t believe that I am going to be swimming. Haven’t done it in FOREVER but I even got myself a water cap so I don’t have to blow dry my hair to get to work.

Ok NeverEver’s, I am leaving you all with that. I am going to be getting ready for my Virtual 5K today and make sure that I don’t get sick again. It is good to be back and I don’t want to leave again.

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