Monday Weigh In

Hey NeverEver’s,

Welcome to Monday. It was the first Monday since I have been better and I had a plan to follow. So how did I do?

Well I didn’t go swimming like I said I would. I had a small coughing attack in the morning and just couldn’t get up in the morning. So swimming just wasn’t happening this morning.

However, I made up for it during my lunch. But before I get into that…lets get into the Weigh In!

Now to the current weight!!!
Yes I lost weight! I didn’t gain during my sodium filled days of soup and more soup! 
I am quite happy…no I am ecstatic with myself and that number! 
Now before I get into Today’s Workouts. I want to to do a little bit about my 5K yesterday! 
I was waiting for the sun to go down. This run was done by Helping Hands 4 Life. I just loved the idea of running for one of the original woman super heros. Plus it was only $30 and the medal was awesome so I couldn’t pass it up. 
I wasn’t able to run as much as I wanted to do. I did more power walk then anything else but I was able to do all 3 miles in 45:22 minutes. Which I am pretty darn satisfied with that. 
Cannot wait to show you guys the medal when it gets here!!!
Ok on to Today’s Workout. 
I did a lunch workout!!! Yes the first time in the LONGEST time and it felt awesome. I was also sweating buckets so that was tons of fun. 
Now as I did the Shakeology Cleanse before, I know for myself that I have to the salad for lunch or I just don’t make it through the day. So I switch that up (and it is allowed) and it works for me. 
Had my 2nd shakeology drink and the grapes for a snack before leaving for my rowing class! 

Yes I really do LOVE this view! It is amazing, the sea breeze, light, and just plain blissfulness! But then it was time to get down o business. 

Rowing class was brought to me by Elizabeth from Roworx. She is Awesome with a capital ‘A’. Really worked out my whole body, legs, arms, core and butt…nothing was missed! Which is why the rowing machine is one of my favorite machines EVER! 
If you are in the Long Beach area (or if you have a rowing class near you) you MUST check this place out! Awesome Fun!
So I just had my last shakeology drink for the night. I also had a cup of Blueberries right after the workout itself. 
And lookie what I am starting again. Yup I am wearing my body media again and I am tracking with it. Didn’t QUITE make it to my calorie burn goal but I am decently off. Tomorrow is another day. 
Okay NeverEver’s, it is time for be to get to bed. I am tired and I still need to take a shower. Soo have a wonderful night and I will see you all tomorrow for Guest Post Tuesday! I have an awesome one for you guys! 

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