Strong is the New Skinny – Guest Post

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Tuesday! Yay we are one day closer to that lovely 3 day weekend, hoozah! However, before we can get to that glorious long weekend we have to get through with Tuesday and I have a way to help us get through that.

Its called a Guest Post! Yay! This one is by another Alicia (yup even spelled the same way) so you know it is going to be awesome!

Strong is the New Skinny (And That’s a Good Thing)

For a long time, most people just wanted to lose weight and be skinny. That desire was mainly due to the media’s portrayal of “beauty.” However, over the last few years, more attention has been brought to the fact that this perception of beauty isn’t truly universal. Additionally, more people than ever are realizing that many portrayals of skinniness aren’t realistic, sustainable or healthy.

It’s Time to Ditch “Skinny” and Focus on Strong

Even though most fitness “trends” are fads focused on shortcuts, embracing strength training is a very positive trend that needs to continue. A big reason why this is such a positive direction for fitness and our culture as a whole is increasing strength isn’t just about looks. While strength training will play a key role in adding tone and definition to your body, that’s just one of the many benefits that it provides.

The positive challenges that strength training creates lead to even greater mental strength. A study done at the University of British Columbia found that with just three resistance exercise sessions a week, participants experienced a 13% improvement in mental dexterity and stamina. Although this specific study was performed on older adults, it’s not difficult to see how strength training can improve mental toughness at any age.

In fact, because non-senior citizens aren’t battling with the standard decline that goes along with advanced age, it’s likely that a study done on young to middle-aged adults would find an even more significant improvement.

This type of training also increases self-esteem and confidence. This is because as you set goals and then reach them, it drives home the fact that you can do anything you set your mind to accomplishing. This effect is one of the reasons that many alcohol recovery centers make physical activity and exercise part of their recovery process.

Not only is working up a sweat good for the body, but because it has positive mental effects as well, it’s also ideal for someone who’s working on a daily basis to overcome a substance abuse problem or any addiction problem for that matter!

It’s Never Too Late to Get Started

Once people learn about all the benefits of strength training, there’s still one obstacle that holds many back. A lot of people think that because they don’t have the necessary athletic background, or because it’s been a long time since they’ve touched any weights, they’re not going to be able to get in the swing of things.

The good news is that’s not true at all. Regardless of your age or background, it’s never too late to begin strength training and start reaping all of the benefits it has to offer. Get yourself motivated by getting a work out buddy or put together a workout inspiration board on Pinterest. If you don’t know what kind of workout to do, pick up an active sport instead or join a workout class at your local gym.

BIO: Alicia is a freelance writer and health enthusiast. 
Connect with her on Twitter @Alicia_Lw and visit her blog about health, tech and communication.

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