September in Review

Hey NeverEver’s,

Welcome to the end of September. The last month of the single digits. The knowledge that we only have 3 months left to this year. That the holiday season is coming really…REALLY soon. But before we get into ANY of that lets review this month.

This month isn’t the best that I have had. In fact it was one of the worst that I have had since I started this blog. But that is the thing about months and starting it over. I can leave this month behind and start better and harder for October.

So on September 10th I finished the Be Our Guest 5K. This was my 10th 5k for this year and it has been amazing! Never thought I would get this many 5k’s done this year!

Then on September 24th I did the Princess Challenge 5k the Mulan. My 11th 5k. The Mulan medal is so pretty!

It is a little sad that a whole 30 days and really this is my accomplishments. 2 virtual 5ks while amazing seem to be a little too little.

But like I said I am making sure that October goes the way I want it to go. Starting with today.

I did a Weigh In.

Weight – 203.6
Waist – 49″
Breasts – 41″
Arms – 16″
Thighs – 24″
So at the beginning of this month I was at 200.6 and now I am at 203.6. Personally, I thought I would be higher because of 2 weeks ago I was feeling so blah that I was eating my feelings. But, I got myself down to 203.6 and I am ready to make sure that number is never seen again. 
This is my month. This is where I am. And this is where I am going. 
I started the South Bay Fitness and Fun Boot Camp that I got from Groupon. Today wasn’t easy. It kicked my @ss so many times over that I felt like I was going to throw up. But I didn’t and I actually did pretty damn good. Today’s workout was
Partners Workout
2 Lab Around the Building Park
P1 – 50 Burpees
P2 – Crunches 
1 Lab Around the Building Park
Reverse exercises (i.e P1 does P2 exercises and visa versa)
1 Lab Around the Building Park
P1 – Fast Jumping Jacks – 50
P2 – Plank
1 Lab Around the Building Park
Reverse Exercises
1 Lab Around the Building Park
P1 – Push Up’s -50
P2 – Lateral Raises 
1 Lab Around the Building Park
Reverse Exercises
1 Lab Around the Building Park
P1 – Donkey Kicks – 50 (each leg)
P2 – Lower Ab Raises
1 Lab Around the Building Park
Reverse Exercises
1 Lab Around the Building Park
There was another exercise on the board but me and my partner wasn’t able to get to that one within the hour of the class. The fact that I was able to do 4 out of the 5 is amazing. Especially since…like I said it really did kick my @ss ^_^. 
But I came home and I did my Nightly Prep. 
I got my gym bag (for my Barre Class tomorrow), my lunch (herb chicken w/ raspberry salad), my shakeology and my clothes for tomorrow. 
So I am exhausted. I am headed to bed. I am ready for October and it is gonna be an awesome month. I know it. But what are your plans for this October? 

Motivational Thursday

Hello NeverEver’s!

First look who came to visit me!!

Its my Baby Nephew Adien!! He is soooo cute! And also the reason why there was no post yesterday. He is a distraction too ^_^.

The whole family has been in and out of my in-laws house (which is mine as well) visiting. But he is such a good baby. Not a lot of crying and he survived a 5 hour drive from Arizona to Cali.

Secondly, I finished my 11th 5K out of my 13in2013 challenge. Which means I am going to be waayyy passing my 13 goal, but more on that tomorrow!

Yup I went past my 3 miles and I walked the whole way…still listening to the doctors. But I accidentally kept walking ( I got lost in the music) and did over my 3 miles. Not really complaining about it but it was a perfect time to earn my Mulan!

Then I got these in the mail.

So that is 2 more 5k’s that I will be completely in the next 2 weeks! But aren’t they sooo pretty! I really have fallen in love with virtual runs! I do love getting the medal in the mail and just knowing that I earned it, even if I went at my own (doctor enforced) pace.

Anyways, it is time for Motivational Thursday…and less time with the cutest baby in the world ^_~

Ok NeverEver’s! I am going out for a walk then some more family time when the Hubby comes home from work! Have a great weekend everyone! 

Guest Post – Run. Influence. Change the world with Run 10 Feed 10.

Hey NeverEver’s,

Its Tuesday! One day closer to the weekend of course ^_^. But today is also Guest Post day. And with this one…well this one is something we can all do. The Run 10 Feed 10 is an amazing run that help give 10 meals to people that are in need.

It doesn’t matter how fast you go or if you have ever run a 10k before (you all know I haven’t) but we can all do it! Or we can help with the fundraising.

Read on!

Run. Influence. Change the world with Run 10 Feed 10.

Think about the last time you said, “I’m starving.” Were you (really)? Think about what it feels like to be
hungry. Think about what it feels like to run. Hungry=negative, painful empty tummy. Running=positive,
energized body. Do you do both? I don’t, but I have that choice. I also have the choice to counter the
negative (hunger) with the positive (running) by participating in Run 10 Feed 10.

What’s all the hype about? Millions (like 50 million) people or more are hungry. 17 million of those
people are children. Children! In the US, 1 in 6 American children are wondering when they will get their
next meal. Think about six kids who you know; yup, one of them might be the victim of hunger, which
may impact their growth, strength and ability to learn. NO! These children are our future. These children
may care for us when we’re old. So stand up, lace up those sneakers and help our future Americans
while we still have the power to take action! Help them get fed. Help them not worry about food.

Yes, you! That’s right join the Run 10 Feed 10 initiative with Women’s Health and the FEED Foundation
( to fight domestic hunger. I know, you’re asking what that even means.
Well, it’s as simple as lacing up your sneakers. By running a 10k at one of the seven events throughout
the United States (or you can even sign up to run your own), you provide meals to ten people in your
community. Hunger is a global problem, but a solvable one.

Run 10 Feed 10 PSA 2013

Want to know more about the FEED Foundation? The FEED foundation is an organization started by
Lauren Bush Lauren, grand-daughter of former President George W. Bush and wife of David Lauren.  The
FEED foundation is dedicated to the mission of providing meals for people throughout the globe. Even
in America, there is a hunger problem. 1 in 5 children do not know where their next meal is coming
from.   As of 2011, the FEED foundation has provided 60 million free meals to children around the globe
through their FEED Projects which includes partnerships with companies like Target, Disney, DKNY, and
more.  Women’s Health is super proud to work with an organization like FEED.  The money you raise
goes directly to a local charity in your hometown filtered through the foundation.

I, Women’s Health and the FEED Foundation need your help. It’s as simple as registering online.



Register at
Races and fun runs will occur in September and October of 2013 throughout the U.S.
The flagship event in NYC is this Saturday, September 22
Runs are open to women and men, 18+.

Not a runner? No problem, we got you. Participate today by donating to the cause.
Women’s Health and their Action Heroes goal is to raise one million meals for people across the U.S.
Sounds like a hefty challenge, but we succeeded last year and hope to do so again. We’re currently at
731,080 meals! According to the FEED Foundation website, $15 will provide $100 meals and $45 will
feed a family of Four for an entire month. Awesome! Can you help? How about putting those weekly
coffees on hold, skip happy hour one night or that 3pm craving and donate to a Women’s Health Action
hero here:

In fact, check out this promo:

What are you waiting for? Changing the world is just a few clicks and steps away.


Jaime, WH Boston Action Hero

Monday Stats

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Monday. The first day of the week and it went by pretty fast today. My phone was being a little pain today while at work so that is why there wasn’t that many photos. It started working while I was leaving -_-.

Anyways, this post is going to be short. All about my stats as of today. As you all know for the last 2 weeks I really haven’t been doing much of anything. No workouts and not really trying to eat healthy. At times I was able to succeed but most of the time I didn’t even bother. And…well it really shows.

Waist – 48″
Breasts – 41″
Arms – 16″
Thigh – 24″
Weight – 200

So I am, although not starting over, pretty close to it. But, really I haven’t liked the way I was the last 2 weeks so it isn’t a hard change. Its just something I have to do.

It was a good start today. Had my shakeology for breakfast. Healthy left overs for lunch and a workout after work.

Now just gotta keep it up ^_^

But NeverEver’s, since I haven’t worked out in a while…I am exhausted. Gonna finish watching Sleepy Hollow and head to bed. I hope my phone works better tomorrow!

So how has your week been going?

Guest Post – Best Regimen for College Fitness

Hey NeverEver’s!
Welcome to Friday. I know that I don’t usually do a post on Fridays but today I have a Guest Post that I just couldn’t turn away. Especially, since school just started and we all dread that Freshman 15. 
Starting out at college is a time of excitement, anticipation, and oftentimes, extreme nervousness. There are a whole host of prospects that can leave any freshman filled with anxiety, from making friends to maintaining good grades to knowing which classes to take. One of the biggest sources of anxiety for students, however, is unrelated to academics: A large percentage of students greatly fear the famous and dreaded freshman 15. The truth is, this isn’t an irrational fear: Most college students will gain between 15 and 25 pounds by the end of their sophomore year. One of the main causes of the freshman 15? Lack of exercise: Not only do the majority of college students not get the recommended amount of exercise, one in three just don’t exercise at all. To be fair, finding time for exercise in the midst of busy college life can be challenging, but there are some great ways that that particular hurdle can be side-stepped. Today’s infographic takes a look at the best ways for college students to stay fit—even in the middle of a dorm room. From cardio to strength training to flexibility, there’s a myriad of ways in which even the biggest of couch potatoes can beat the freshman 15.
Susan Martin is currently finishing up her communications degree and spending her free time getting real world experience by helping out and contributing to

Motivation Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

I haven’t really been here in a while. Been having a pretty hard 2 weeks. I thought I kicked it to the curb on Monday but my funk really didn’t leave me. I have been low energy and low desire to do anything. Which isn’t good at all.

So I went to my doctors. I am not used to having this little of energy. I mean I am used to being lazy but that feels differently then this. They ran some blood tests on me and other things that I am not exactly sure what. But they came to the decision that I am deficient in some vitamins. Like B-12. Which they believe is the reason why I have been feeling physically drained. Don’t get me wrong I know I have some mental baggage weighing me down but I have never felt this tired all the time.  So I agreed to get 1 month of shots of the B-12 and see how I feel after.

The doc wanted me to get the pills but after reading online I decided that the shots would be the best method to get the vitamin straight to me. And yes I did read about all the wonderful things this vitamin can do and I will be giving a review on how I feel but I am mainly doing this to feel like I used to. Having energy.

So on that note, I wanted to share my Motivation!!

Seriously needed all of this. See you all on Sunday! Have a great weekend!!

Guest Post – Sustainable Farmed Meat is the Only Way Forward

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Tuesday and Guest Post Day! As you all know I love my meat however that doesn’t mean I don’t understand that we have to not only treat the animals better but how it gets to our plate. So that is why I was very happy to have this subject as a Guest Post today. So without further ado from me here is all the meat of this post!


As the rate of our meat consumption continues to rise, it is important to start thinking about where our meat has come from. In the past, meat was only consumed once a week at the most, due to the cost (and issues of refrigeration), but as technology has evolved, so too has the food industry. The way we process food now is vastly different to how it once was, and with the ease of processing more meat, we have begun to consume it more often than we ever have. As we move away from farming our own produce, we become ignorant to the way that our food is produced, so we happily eat our beef, lamb and poultry with eyes closed. While we do that however, there are many factory farming institutions that are raising animals in unsanitary and inhumane ways that reduce the animals standard of living. It also produces a lower quality meat and one that is not as healthy as the free range equivalent.

Free Range meat is free of antibiotics, added hormones, genetically modified organism feed (GMO).a healthy, leaner option to your regular grocery store beef, lamb and poultry. Look out for the organic and free range options of meat at your local grocery store, or start going to a butcher that you know only supplies the highest quality free range produce, like Cannings Butchers.

When you buy any regular meat from the supermarket, you are buying a product that has been injected with antibiotics and growth hormones, as well as fed grain, to make them bigger and fatter before they are slaughtered. Cows are grass feeding animals, so a diet of grain is unnatural to them and just fattens them up without producing any nutrients. Often, animals raised organically and free range are fed organic feed, they exercise, and consume foods that contain a lot more nutrients. This makes them

Sustainable farming ensures that the animals are raised using sustainable methods and are kept healthy and happy, free to roam the pastures and fed a diet of their natural food. They also tend their crops in a way that is healthy for the environment, using rainwater and ethical methods of maintaining their land and their stock. If the western world continues to consume meat at the rate it is and does not take notice of ethical and sustainable farming methods, we are sure to exhaust our resources. Choosing to eat free range meat is not just a case for the animals, it also takes advantage of our natural resources, caring for them and making sure they will be here for a while to come. Without this care, we could risk running out, it sounds crazy but it is actually entirely possible. Choosing to eat free range meat is not just a good decision for your health, it is also a healthy decision for our meat industry and the environment.

Danielle Mcann. Danielle is a copywriter working with Cannings Free Range Butchers. When Danielle’s not writing content she enjoys swimming, shopping and taking her Golden Retriever dogs for a walk.