September Plan & Goals

Hey NeverEver’s,

Can you believe that it is already September? I am still thinking that it is July or something around that time! Where has this year gone?

So I am not sure where you all live but here in So Cal for most of the summer it has been a really cold summer. Temps not really going over 85, and those were hot days. But, this last few days it feels like Summer is finally here…and it is almost the end of Summer, Ironic. Nevertheless, I am dying in my house…and outside isn’t much better. Can it be cool again? I am a Fall person myself. I can not wait for the Fall and even Winter to get here. I have never been much of a Summer person.

But tomorrow, I am happy that it will be a little hotter then normal this year. Reason why…I am trying paddle boarding!!

And yes that is exactly how I am going to be looking out there in the Ocean. I just know it! No falling in…No falling off (actually I will be pretty shocked if I don’t fall at least 2x!). I am though really looking forward to heading out there. It is a 2 hour tour in Malibu that I got with Groupon. So I am planning for it to be awesome! 
Instead for this month of creating a calendar I am trying out a goal picture. Here is what I came up with. I do have to say it was easier to create then the calendar. That requires so much more copy & paste ^_^.

I do want to focus on the soda part. I really need to kick that horrible habit and I can think of only good things that will come once the soda has been stopped.

It also has my exercises on it and my goal for some more home cooked meals. I really haven’t been doing well on that since my sickness.

Also, there is a reason why I am not doing food prep today. Actually two reasons. The first is that it is too hot to do anything in the kitchen and the second is that it will be cooler tomorrow and nothing at all planned after Paddle Boarding in the morning. All the better to do it tomorrow ^_^

I also joined a challenge for this Month. It was originally created by Work Hard – Eat Clean – Be Fit – With Jennifer Morgan, who has amazing workouts. If you haven’t liked her facebook page I would highly recommend it. Even on the days when I don’t want to do anything her posts and pictures make me want to workout.

But this challenge is from Challenge Loop, which is an awesome place for Healthy Challenges. It will help me to get on track for the Biggest Loser challenge we have at work.

Which I haven’t told you all about. It started on Friday, 9 of us weighed in. Currently the pot is over $200 with a $60 monthly prize. It is going on until November 31st. Hubby and I already agreed that I can use the monthly pot, once won, for anything I want it for. But the big pot, once won ^_~, will be going to a PS4. 
So if Halloween wasn’t enough reason, if the Holiday season isn’t enough, if just plain being healthy isn’t enough that pot sure enough will be ^_^. 
Ok NeverEver’s, that is all for me. I am going to take a really cold shower and hope this heat wave passes over night. I don’t do well in hot weather. I hope you are all ready for September!! Are you doing any challenges? 

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