Simple Yet Super Effective Tips To Help Those With Hypothyroidism Get into Shape – Guest Post

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Welcome to Tuesday's Guest Post. Today is all about Hypothyroidism which is a Thyroid condition. Which is effecting more of us each year.


Most of you probably understand that it’s super easy to put on weight but ridiculously hard to get rid of it. But you might be surprised to hear that it can be even harder to lose weight and get into great shape when you’re suffering from a condition known as hypothyroidism. Your life will practically flip upside down if you end up suffering with this disease and it seems that it’s getting more and more common lately.

Right now there are over 27 million individuals all over America who have been officially told by their doctor that they are indeed suffering from hypothyroidism. But you will find that the vast majority of people that have the disease are yet to be given an official diagnosis. And so they are struggling and going about their lives without getting the treatment they need to get back into good health.

On top of the fact that hypothyroidism is getting a lot more common, there’s another condition that’s also getting a lot more notoriety. It goes by the name subclinical hypothyroidism. This condition (more often than not) comes about because of poor diet and a simple change in what you eat to healthier alternatives can totally flip things around for the better. Ultimately this condition will leave the person who has it experiencing all the symptoms that are usually associated with people that have hypothyroidism, but the thing to note here is that their thyroid will be working as normal!

Anyone with a low thyroid will find that they’ll have a really slow metabolism which will ultimately lead to them burning a lot less calories than a normal individual.

A person who has hypothyroidism will basically have thyroid glands that are not producing enough of the hormones, T3 and T4. These hormones are directly responsible for making sure that your metabolism runs as it should be running.

So not having enough of them will mean that you’re not going to be burning as many calories as normal. Hence the reason why people with an underactive thyroid find it so darn hard to actually lose the weight they want to lose.

However if you’re prepared to follow and implement the tips that I share below then you’ll be well on your way to losing the weight you want to lose, even if you’ve got hypothyroidism.

  • Get a Fully Qualified Doctor To Check You Out and Diagnose You

The most essential step of all is going to be to make sure that you get your local doctor to diagnose and then proceed with treatment if it’s deemed that you’re actually suffering from hypothyroidism.

How you end up being diagnosed will actually depend upon the results of the blood test that you’re given. This test will essentially be measuring exactly how much T4, T3 and thyroid stimulating hormone you have running about inside your body. You’ll only be told that you have an underactive thyroid if the test results come back to show that you have high levels of thyroid stimulating hormone and low levels of T3 and T4.

Should the doctor find out that you’re suffering from hypothyroidism they’ll move onto the next stage which is to give you some sort of synthetic T4. The most common form of medication that doctors usually prescribe is something that goes by the name of levothyroxine. It’s been designed to specifically get your levels of thyroid hormone right back into the healthy range.

  • Start To Get Your Diet as Clean As Possible

There’s no other step that’s going to be more instrumental to your weight loss success when you have hypothyroidism than making sure that you eat as clean and healthy as possible. This is the one step that will seriously help you get into amazing shape in no time at all. Every single meal you make from now on has to include a portion of vegetables and a good portion of protein.

While we all know that vegetables are really great for our us, few of us know just how important protein is when it comes to losing weight. Not only is it very satiating but it also helps to prevent any of your muscle mass from deteriorating. This of course is extremely important because the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism is going to be and the more weight you are going to end up burning.

  • Start Consuming High Fiber Foods and Cut Out Foods Rich in Sugars!

While getting on a clean and healthy diet is all well and great for helping you get into amazing shape, nothing is going to be detrimental than continuing to consume junk foods. You need to make sure that you stop eating all those processed junk foods because they are doing nothing but causing you to gain more and more weight!  Instead of junk, you need to focus on consuming foods that contain a whole lot more fiber in them.

The wonderful thing about foods high in fiber is that they will help you avoid getting any sort of long term constipation which is very, very common among people who have hypothyroidism. The wonderful thing about fiber is that it’s also extremely satiating which is great news when you’re trying to lose weight and get into great shape.

  • Exercise on a Regular and Consistent Basis

You might be surprised to hear this but even doing a few minutes of exercise every single day is enough to really get your metabolism to go up and up. So regardless of how busy and hectic your days are you’re going to want to do your best to get involved in some sort of exercise routine.

You’ll see even more remarkable results if you get yourself involved with doing things like weight training. Not only will you be burning calories during the exercise but you’ll also be helping your body build up muscle mass which is going to in turn boost up your metabolism.

You're going to end up shedding a lot more weight over the long term when you have a really high metabolism, and you'll be closer to getting the dream body that you’ve always wanted.

Always remember that the key to losing weight when you have hypothyroidism is to make sure that you’re consistent in the process.

Just make sure that you keep a positive attitude every single day and that you keep working toward the goals that you’ve set yourself. Do this and believe me it’s only going to be a matter of time before you end up in truly exceptional shape! It really is as simple as that my friend!

Nothing is going to be more helpful toward you getting into amazing shape than making sure that you check out Hydrothyroidism Diet Plan right this minute. There you will find all the information you will ever need to get into truly remarkable condition.

Susan Upton has a deep passion for helping people who suffer with hypothyroidism overcome their symptoms and move onto living healthy and meaningful lives.

Her passion comes from having gone through the experience of living with an underactive thyroid for many years. After suffering with symptoms like being tired all the time and gaining a lot of weight she decided enough was enough.

So she went on a mission to overcome the disease and thankfully after improving her nutrition and living an active lifestyle she now lives a healthy and meaningful life. Go check out some other awesome content written by her!

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