Motivational Thursday – I Need It The Most

Hey NeverEver’s

Welcome to Thursday on the short week. But, is it just me or does these short weeks always feel like they are super long. I hope it is just me as it is a unique kind of torture to feel like the week will never end.

However, before we get into the Motivational Thursday…which I really need today. Let me tell you why I need it.

I went to go see the doctor yesterday. About my foot pain that I have been having, especially in the mornings. Sometimes it hurts to walk on my whole foot so I have to use my toes. It is usually in the morning or if I sit down for too long. So seeing the doctor seemed like a really good idea.

Well they informed me that I have plantar fasciitis, which after many google searches I was thinking I had anyways. So I have been restricted from doing any type of running (more then a few steps). I was granted approval to walk the 5K’s that I have already signed up for so that is something.

I will be going to see a specialist next week and see if I can…maybe…run the 3 miles that I need to do but it isn’t looking good. I do have a set of foot exercises that I shall be doing tonight that is supposed to help stretch the feet out and help with the pain.

But…I am still restricted. I am not happy but I will push though it. The 5K’s that I have coming up I will do them. So the 2 Virtual Runs (Be Our Guest and If The Shoe Fits) and the in life 5K’s (Awesome 80’s Run, Bubble Run and Turkey Trot) are ALL still on. My time might not be good but I shall do them.

This does mean more swimming (I SHALL do it), my rowing classes are still on but I am not sure about my boot camp. I will have to talk with them about modifications.

However, now it is time for some Motivation!!

Ok NeverEver’s, it is time for me to be getting back to work, lunch hour is done ^_^, but wish me luck at the specialist!!

One thought on “Motivational Thursday – I Need It The Most

  1. So sorry to hear about the plantar fasciitis…if it's any consulation the majority of people that get it are runners, so you can be proud! Keep up the positive attitude though- that alone will make a huge difference. And let's be honest, running a 5K has never been about the finishing time, it's about getting out there and doing it, it's about the experience, it's about the commitment to a healthy you and you have all that girl! Keep it up!

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