Guest Post – Sustainable Farmed Meat is the Only Way Forward

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Tuesday and Guest Post Day! As you all know I love my meat however that doesn’t mean I don’t understand that we have to not only treat the animals better but how it gets to our plate. So that is why I was very happy to have this subject as a Guest Post today. So without further ado from me here is all the meat of this post!


As the rate of our meat consumption continues to rise, it is important to start thinking about where our meat has come from. In the past, meat was only consumed once a week at the most, due to the cost (and issues of refrigeration), but as technology has evolved, so too has the food industry. The way we process food now is vastly different to how it once was, and with the ease of processing more meat, we have begun to consume it more often than we ever have. As we move away from farming our own produce, we become ignorant to the way that our food is produced, so we happily eat our beef, lamb and poultry with eyes closed. While we do that however, there are many factory farming institutions that are raising animals in unsanitary and inhumane ways that reduce the animals standard of living. It also produces a lower quality meat and one that is not as healthy as the free range equivalent.

Free Range meat is free of antibiotics, added hormones, genetically modified organism feed (GMO).a healthy, leaner option to your regular grocery store beef, lamb and poultry. Look out for the organic and free range options of meat at your local grocery store, or start going to a butcher that you know only supplies the highest quality free range produce, like Cannings Butchers.

When you buy any regular meat from the supermarket, you are buying a product that has been injected with antibiotics and growth hormones, as well as fed grain, to make them bigger and fatter before they are slaughtered. Cows are grass feeding animals, so a diet of grain is unnatural to them and just fattens them up without producing any nutrients. Often, animals raised organically and free range are fed organic feed, they exercise, and consume foods that contain a lot more nutrients. This makes them

Sustainable farming ensures that the animals are raised using sustainable methods and are kept healthy and happy, free to roam the pastures and fed a diet of their natural food. They also tend their crops in a way that is healthy for the environment, using rainwater and ethical methods of maintaining their land and their stock. If the western world continues to consume meat at the rate it is and does not take notice of ethical and sustainable farming methods, we are sure to exhaust our resources. Choosing to eat free range meat is not just a case for the animals, it also takes advantage of our natural resources, caring for them and making sure they will be here for a while to come. Without this care, we could risk running out, it sounds crazy but it is actually entirely possible. Choosing to eat free range meat is not just a good decision for your health, it is also a healthy decision for our meat industry and the environment.

Danielle Mcann. Danielle is a copywriter working with Cannings Free Range Butchers. When Danielle’s not writing content she enjoys swimming, shopping and taking her Golden Retriever dogs for a walk.

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