Monday – Slow Day

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to the end of Monday. Today was an extremely slow day today at work at least until the end. My co-worker needed some help with her car so I missed my rowing class but it felt great to be able to help.

However, because today was a slow-ish day there really isn’t much to report. My food prepping really helped me today during my breakfast and lunch. It was nice to bring lunch back to work instead of spending money and eating out.

Sadly the treadmill at work wasn’t working so i went outside. Happily it was really nice outside so it wasn’t a bad thing. Only did a mile but it was nice to get outside. Then it was time for lunch. Grilled steak with spinach and grapes. It was delicious!

So after work and helping my co-worker. Came home and basically zoned out. However, before it got to late I went out for another small walk then it was time to head back home for dinner.

Made some of the herb chicken for the Hubby. It was so thick that it took some time to cook it. Didn’t want anything raw.

But seriously…today wasn’t a really exciting day. It was more of a dragging kind of day. Hopefully tomorrow will go by a little faster.

How was your Monday?

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