Guest Post – Run. Influence. Change the world with Run 10 Feed 10.

Hey NeverEver’s,

Its Tuesday! One day closer to the weekend of course ^_^. But today is also Guest Post day. And with this one…well this one is something we can all do. The Run 10 Feed 10 is an amazing run that help give 10 meals to people that are in need.

It doesn’t matter how fast you go or if you have ever run a 10k before (you all know I haven’t) but we can all do it! Or we can help with the fundraising.

Read on!

Run. Influence. Change the world with Run 10 Feed 10.

Think about the last time you said, “I’m starving.” Were you (really)? Think about what it feels like to be
hungry. Think about what it feels like to run. Hungry=negative, painful empty tummy. Running=positive,
energized body. Do you do both? I don’t, but I have that choice. I also have the choice to counter the
negative (hunger) with the positive (running) by participating in Run 10 Feed 10.

What’s all the hype about? Millions (like 50 million) people or more are hungry. 17 million of those
people are children. Children! In the US, 1 in 6 American children are wondering when they will get their
next meal. Think about six kids who you know; yup, one of them might be the victim of hunger, which
may impact their growth, strength and ability to learn. NO! These children are our future. These children
may care for us when we’re old. So stand up, lace up those sneakers and help our future Americans
while we still have the power to take action! Help them get fed. Help them not worry about food.

Yes, you! That’s right join the Run 10 Feed 10 initiative with Women’s Health and the FEED Foundation
( to fight domestic hunger. I know, you’re asking what that even means.
Well, it’s as simple as lacing up your sneakers. By running a 10k at one of the seven events throughout
the United States (or you can even sign up to run your own), you provide meals to ten people in your
community. Hunger is a global problem, but a solvable one.

Run 10 Feed 10 PSA 2013

Want to know more about the FEED Foundation? The FEED foundation is an organization started by
Lauren Bush Lauren, grand-daughter of former President George W. Bush and wife of David Lauren.  The
FEED foundation is dedicated to the mission of providing meals for people throughout the globe. Even
in America, there is a hunger problem. 1 in 5 children do not know where their next meal is coming
from.   As of 2011, the FEED foundation has provided 60 million free meals to children around the globe
through their FEED Projects which includes partnerships with companies like Target, Disney, DKNY, and
more.  Women’s Health is super proud to work with an organization like FEED.  The money you raise
goes directly to a local charity in your hometown filtered through the foundation.

I, Women’s Health and the FEED Foundation need your help. It’s as simple as registering online.



Register at
Races and fun runs will occur in September and October of 2013 throughout the U.S.
The flagship event in NYC is this Saturday, September 22
Runs are open to women and men, 18+.

Not a runner? No problem, we got you. Participate today by donating to the cause.
Women’s Health and their Action Heroes goal is to raise one million meals for people across the U.S.
Sounds like a hefty challenge, but we succeeded last year and hope to do so again. We’re currently at
731,080 meals! According to the FEED Foundation website, $15 will provide $100 meals and $45 will
feed a family of Four for an entire month. Awesome! Can you help? How about putting those weekly
coffees on hold, skip happy hour one night or that 3pm craving and donate to a Women’s Health Action
hero here:

In fact, check out this promo:

What are you waiting for? Changing the world is just a few clicks and steps away.


Jaime, WH Boston Action Hero

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