Running / Exercise Schedule

Hey NeverEver’s!

Its Hump Day! I am of course extremely happy that we are now 2 days away from the weekend and I only have 1 more working day. Yup I am taking Friday off. Got a few doc / dental appointments that I shall be going to…and then I am free!!!

But I have been thinking that I need to share this months Exercise / Run Schedule. Also I really need to stay away from groupon / livingsocial. But this is how my month is going to look like

Monday – Boot Camp @
Tuesday – Barre Class @ 
Wednesday – Bikram Yoga (I know!!!) @
Thursday – Boot Camp @
Friday – Day of Rest
Saturday – Bikram Yoga @
Sunday – Day of Rest

Yes I think I am insane at time but so far I am loving it. Doing something different everyday. Making sure that all my body is worked in different ways. It has been enjoyable. Plus…I paid $$$ for these things. I need to do them before they expire.

However, I also mentioned a Running Schedule.

Well here are my upcoming runs

10/5/2013 – Jedi Virtual 5k – Do or Do Not…There is NO Try
10/12/2013 – If the Shoe Fits Virtual 5k – Time to try on Belle’s shoe
10/26/2013 – Pomona Bubble Run w/ a Friend & Hubby
11/2/2013 – San Diego Awesome 80’s Run
11/16/2013 – Green Lantern Virtual 5k – In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No evil shall escape my sight!
(11/28/2013) – Possible Turkey Trot. Looking for a place closer than Dana Point
12/21/2013 – Los Angeles The Ugly Christmas Sweater 5k

And I am sure there is going to be another Star Wars or Beauty and the Beast Virtual Run that I just can’t possibly pass up and that will be added to the list. One good thing about 5k’s is that they are short. So I can schedule them in.

But what do you think about the multiple classes? Too much? Just Right? What runs are you planning?

2 thoughts on “Running / Exercise Schedule

  1. I think your class schedule sounds exhausting but fun! Just make sure you listen to your body and take an extra rest day if you need it.
    OK, those virtual 5k's have awesome names and medals! I know I could search back on your site and probably find the links but I'm lazy. Could you share, especially the super hero and Star Wars ones? (yes, I am a total geek!)

  2. Kristen. No I completely agree. So far my body is ok but that is the first thing I listen to. And don't worry about it. I would be lazy too ^_~

    The Green Lantern –
    and she is doing the rest of the Justice League and I believe she might still have some wonderwoman left…not sure what length though.

    And the Star Wars one is –

    Oh and there is a FB Group called 'Virtual Runs' they have all, well most, virtual runs that is happening.

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