Mind Over Matter – Or Something Like That

Hey NeverEver’s!

First sorry for the not doing a post yesterday. Hubby and I got caught up w/ Football (My Saints are 5 & 0 WHO DAT!!!) and at the end of the night our guilty pleasure Ghost Adventures. Yes it is a guilty pleasure that we love. Although sleeping afterwards is always interesting to say in the least.

But who needs sleep anyways right?!?!

Just Kidding I love my sleep. Which I am finding out that I am getting, at least I think I am getting, better sleep in ever before. And that is only with a week of workouts. Amazing. But what I am considering amazing even more is that I did 6 days of workouts.

Each day was different. And although I don’t have pics of all the days. Here are my faves. Bikram!

Day 1 on Saturday

Day 2 on Sunday
Yes I think I survived it a little better on Day 2. But still it was tough. To think I originally thought that yoga was just a stretching and easy workout. Blah. Never shall I think that again. I apologize to all yoga peeps out there. You guys are masters at what you do! 
So I am pretty damn excited that I made it though 6 workouts. Each one different from the other. From Boot Camp (Mon & Thurs), to Barre (Tues & Fri) and finally Bikram (Wed & Sat) and my soreness is gone (thank you Yoga) and I am sleeping better (I say thank you Boot Camp!). 
But today…well work got to me. Or was getting to me. Most of my co-workers are out sick or something to do with sickness and it has been busy. I was getting irritated. Mostly at small things, and not the sickness they can’t help it! But, I just wanted to go home. I wanted to crawl back into bed and watch movies or read. Basically, I really didn’t want to workout today. 
After all my hard work last week. I didn’t want to continue. Well that isn’t right. I am not about to let all my hard work of last week Especially since I have a friend going with me tonight. We are making sure to push each other. 

So I am not going to let this bug me. In fact it will be better if I workout. At least then I have a way to release then tension of some work half @ssed drama / don’t want to work issues that I am currently having at work.

Now that…that is done. At least for today, let me do this before I forget!

My Last Measurements – 9/30/2013
Current –
Weight – 201.6
Arms – 16
Chest – 43
Thigh – 28
Waist – 45
Ok NeverEver’s, I am ending this one here. But how do you deal with the ‘I don’t wanna’? 

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