Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEvers,

Yesterday was my first time I have ever done 2 workouts in a row. And it felt amazing.

I started my workouts by rushing to my barre class at bar method. It starts at 4:30 so I really have to be out of my work exactly at 4. But I had gotten stopped to talk about my car by another coworker (she is thinking about getting the same car). So it was a little tight. But I only missed the first 2 mins.

After what seemed like forever in butt lifts it was time for bikram yoga.

Now I will admit. I did have a little more  lightheadedness then the first time. But I finished strong and took a knee when I had to.

And I had meant to write all about this once I got home. Well that didn’t work out at all. A shower and I fell right to sleep.

So today wad super busy at work…apparently the promotion team decided to send out a whole bunch of free sample emails without telling customer service or the shipping dept so we got flooded with orders. I was happy to get out of there today.

So by the end of work I really needed my workout. And it was time for…boot camp.

I did everything but the crunches. But I am writing this right before my bikram yoga. So let’s end this nights post with motivation.

Have you ever fine a double workout? If so did you love it or hate it?

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