Laryngitis How I Hate You

Hey NeverEver’s!

I swear to you there is nothing worse then being sick but not feeling sick…unless you start doing something physical. That is how I am feeling with my Laryngitis. I feel fine. No fever, no headaches, no throat hurting, no coughing (ok some they don’t come often) and no body aches. Yet when I am faced with climbing upstairs (like at work) by the top I am winded and dying. So this is why I am seriously hating on Laryngitis. It isn’t fair. I hate being sick and I haven’t had this particular cold since I was a kid and I remember my throat was hurting a lot more back then.

Anyways, the worst part is the whole ‘I can’t even go upstairs how am I to workout’ deal. I want to workout. I have my barre, bikram and boot camp to finish this month. I wanted to finish strong, I wanted to show myself that I could do it. But nature had other plans for me. Nature (or at least my body) told me NO you are going to take a break. I have tried to fight it, with my 5k last Saturday, and at times I succeeded but for now I have to take it easy.

So what does all of this mean for me? Besides the fact that I can’t work out or do anything more then just walk around? Well it means tons of

So admittedly this is my struggle. I mean I have given up Soda’s for 2 1/2 months and counting! But beyond that I still have my sweets, I still eat out and although I am cooking more at home it just isn’t enough. So while I was at lunch feeling sorry for myself (hey I can’t talk and I can’t work out I am allowed a moment of self pity) it hit me. Why not make the rest of this week all about clean eating. Do something that your body will appropriate even if you cant do anymore burpees (my boot camp instructor loves these horrible creations) currently.

But I know if I try to do to much at the same time (unlike too much working out) I am going to get over whelmed. However, it does seem to work, at least for me, that if I make 1 or 2 changes at a time with my eating clean that I can stick with it. For proof please look at the fact that I can’t stand the taste of soda anymore and I do not even crave it. Oh and I have given up white sugars. Oh and plus no more splenda or white sugar cane. I either do Stevia (which I admit I am still getting used to the taste of it) or Brown sugar cane.

So here are my options.

Now to be completely honest I don’t think I am ready for Paleo yet. I mean I still eat In-N-Out for lunch or go out on the weekends. That type of dedication to eating is something to be looked upon with awe but with the knowledge that I am just not there.

So that leaves clean eating. Which is nicely broken down here for me. So what exactly am I going to focus on?

  • More Fruits and Veggies in my life. Which includes during lunch, dinner AND as Snacks
  • More Water…Seriously I need at least 4 of my purple bottle (20 oz) a day
  • Since I am not working out…cook but just for me. Don’t want the family getting sick
  • Stay away from processed foods. 
I have included a guide on here, for me and for you, on what basically clean eating food is. I am printing this out as I head to the grocery store tonight after work. 
Looking at my list of things that I want to change most of them are doable. Actually, they all are but the one I am probably going to have the most issue with is the ‘Stay away from Processed Foods’ one. I mean lets me honest it is so much easier getting processed foods even if you don’t mean too. I tried getting corn off a cob and it was a pain. A real pain so I still buy canned goods. Maybe I should just stay away from corn…
Anyways, I am ready for this challenge. I am ready to do something else for my body that I have been neglecting. 

So that is my plan for the rest of the week. Or at least until I can go back up the stairs without being winded. Hopefully, that happens soon!

One thought on “Laryngitis How I Hate You

  1. Starting slow is key! 🙂 I'm glad you've made this plan for yourself. Don't be surprised if you screw up every so often but don't let that put you down! Just jump right back in 😀 I have been paleo for 11 years now and love it!

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