Halloween Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

Please note that this post should have been up yesterday as it was scheduled to however, it didn’t. But I decided that I am still going to run it still. So here was my Halloween. 

Its Halloween!! Its time for tricks, treats and costumes. It isn’t my favorite holiday, actually around my 3rd or 4th, but it is one of the most fun ones of the year. I am more of a Christmas type girl but the Hubby loves this holiday!

Okay so on to the day before I get into the motivation!

So I was re-using my costume this year. Hey no one at this job has ever seen it sooo it was worth it! I was the pirate queen of the day and really the only pirate of the office. How awesome is that! 

As you all know I baked cookies on Wednesday for the bake off sale. Hey I wasn’t going to win any prizes with my costume but I still wanted to win something! And my cookies did win! I got 3rd place, which isn’t tooo bad at all. I got the recipe from Averie Cooks (who I LOVE) and the cookies were delicious!

Once I got home from work it was time to get comfy. Hubby as Superman and me as Batman. It was comfy and still passable as Halloween. We finished up the night passing out candy to the trick o’ treaters.

Oh and I made this.

First time ever making French Onion Soup. I got the recipe from SkinnyTaste who has allowed me to awe my family with my healthy and delicious cooking expertise. Thank you Gina for making this possible!

Okay so on to the motivation!

Hey now if Pumpkins can do it…

You know its funny…I feel the same way

This one touched me. I have never blamed anyone else for me being over weight. 
Okay NeverEver’s, I am about to hit the bed. Candy has all been passed out, kids have been awed at (there was some cute ones this year) and I have had way too many baked goods at my company’s Halloween party. So its time for me to hit the restart and sleep it all away. 
Happy Halloween! 

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