Awesome 80s run recap

Hey NeverEvers,

Welcome to Monday! My weekend went by way to fast. How was yours?

I should have written this yesterday I know but I was enjoying doing nothing. It was just one of those days.

But let me tell got all about my Awesome 80s run on Saturday that I did.

First I had to be up a 4 am as the run was scheduled for 7 am and I had 110 miles to travel. That wasn’t really fun but I did it.

Second I had to travel 110 miles to San Diego, right by Sea World, which is why we had such an early start.

Third it wad the first run that I didn’t have the hubby in the crowd waiting for me. They really did make a difference, it felt weird being all alone.

Fourth it wasn’t my best time. In fact it tied with my very first 5k, the commitment day 5k. My time was


Blah. Horrible considering I have been able to get in the 30 min range.

So what slowed me down? Especially since it was a flat course? Well my legs were hurting and there was a pain in my hips. Not sure if I was bad due to my sickness or just plain laziness. The jury is still out.

However, it was a fun run.

Regardless what happened i earned that Darth Vadar medal and i love it!

Also on my way home it hit me hard that this was my 14th 5k this year. I not only met my goal but I went above it. I had to shed a few happy tears.

OK NeverEvers it is time for kickboxing. Enjoy the race photos.

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