2014 – Its Gonna Be Legendary

Hey NeverEver’s!

Man it is 2014, in fact it is already the afternoon on the first day in 2014. Time is already flying and really isn’t stopping. Or at least that is how it feels when dealing with blog / technical stuff that is way above my own computer skills. However, after a few hours and many chats later it has been figured out. It should all be fixed tomorrow then I get to add my widgits among other things. 

But for now…well now it is post time. It is time to bring in the New Year with a New Day. This is my plan for the New Year, starting with my runs ^_^


  • 1/1/2014 – My First 10k – Virtual Run 2014 Resolution Run 
  • 1/18/2014 – Hero’s Challenge Aladdin 5k – Virtual Run


  • 2/1/2014 – Green Lantern 5k – Virtual Run
  • 2/9/2014 – Hero’s Challenge Flynn Rider 5k – Virtual Run


  • 3/1/2014 – Batman 10k – Virtual Run

And of course these are just the Virtual Runs. I am still planning on doing many sponsored runs as well, just not sure which ones yet. As you can see, this year I am going to be doing some 10k’s, 6.2 miles, starting with tonight. I did decide after running more then 13 5k’s in 2013 that it was a good idea to up my mileage. Although for slow reasons, I am still building up my speed, I am going to stick with 10k Virtual Run’s and not do anything in a real race until I am sure the race won’t close behind me ^_^. 


Since I am running both this year in the 14in2014 challenge I shall have both pictures up on the blog (tomorrow on the side of the page I swear). 

Still can’t believe that I did 17 5k’s last year! Yes that is right I did 17 5ks! It was a mix of Virtual and Real Runs and each of them is important to me. But I gotta say I loved getting the medals from those Virtual Runs!! 

So that is my running goals, which things can be added to at any time. But what about my other goals? 



Well i joined Weight Watchers. Why? I miss having people that are walking the same path in person. The internet is great and I have met some amazing and inspiring people. But nothing beats the face to face. Also, as I have said in the past, working out isn’t hard its the eating right. And I need help with that. So, I joined. My meeting is next week. 

So that takes care of runs and food…that means we have workouts left right?!? Well here is my workout plan. 



Or at the very least…Week 1 of my workout plan. Yup that is right I am doing my Turbo Fire. I got into it, got into week 2 then got sick and never picked it back up again. Its a great freakin workout. Seriously gets that heart rate up and even though its challenging I felt like I could do it…maybe with a few more second breaks then everyone else…but I can do it. So I am sticking to this workout plan. Also, just to let you know…this plan goes on for 4 months. It isn’t a 30 day or 60 day plan…this thing is literally months long. But with each workout different and getting progressively harder its a new workout every month. 

So that is Races / Food / Workout goals for this year. So what about personal? 

Well in June Hubby and I are going to 



In July


In August I am going to


Plus there is the normal Birthdays, Anniversaries and Hiking Trips that are planned just not sure when. So this year is going to be Legendary! I feel it! 

So what are your plans this year? 

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