Pretty Muddy Race Re-Cap

Hey NeverEver’s!

It’s Friday and I am writing…Although they may have more to do with the fact that I have been avoiding my blog. I don’t even know why it’s so hard to write right now. I open up a new post and I see that blank white page and I come up blank. Really can’t tell you how many times I tried to write this re-cap and just deleted all of it.

However, no more. I am making sure to write about this amazing event that I had so much fun for!


So I traveled all the way to Sacramento for this Pretty Muddy run. Now if you don’t live near California or haven’t visited from the Los Angeles area to Sacramento is about 460 miles (1 way).  Needless to say it was a very long….Long drive in which the hubby and I came to the conclusion that we will never drive it again. Next time we fly.

Anyways, I have to be honest and say I was super excited to see that water tower saying that we finally made it to Sacramento!


However, to be honest I was tired. I slept on and off while the hubby was driving and even when we stopped for a little bit it wasn’t the best sleep in the world. But I was here and I was going to rock the 3.1 miles that I got lucky enough to run and represent.


Oh and yes I made sure I cover my hair. I was not going to drive home with mud in it. That just wasn’t happening! But Pretty Muddy had me covered and given me this amazing bandana to cover my beautiful locks! That was also the hubby behind me.


Then we were off. I will be honest I had a plastic sandwich bag protecting my phone so some of the photos aren’t the best.


Now Pretty Muddy wasn’t going to force you to do any of the obstacles. As you can see here there is plenty of room to go around if you aren’t feeling up to any of them. Which I LOVED. My last mud run made us do all the obstacles and I was not ready for that. They were hard!

This one was an over the wall and even my short littleness was able to get over it!


Then it was time to run and crawl through some things but I first really had to take a selfie!


I also had to share my lovely mud hand! This was right after crawling under some rope. Oh so much fun!


I made it over! This was my victory selfie that I made it over a fence that was taller then myself!


I didn’t know that I didn’t get the whole sign until after (the sun was really bright) so the amazing sign says ‘All it takes is all you’ve got’. I loved that sign and what it said!


Okay so one thing that was AMAZING, about this run was that there really was no massive Hills. If you say my last mud run last year they had a hill of doom which was really a mountain in disguise. Pretty Muddy had a small lump in the ground that had a rope to pull you up. And I rocked it!


After the little lump it was the rope wall. And I will admit for a second there I was really thinking that I would just walk around this one. It was a little scary. But I decided to try it. If I couldn’t do it at least I tried!


And this is me after I totally rocked that rope wall! I was so excited.


One of the last obstacles before the end. It was supposed to be high knee runs but we all just walk stepped over these bad boys. At this point in time I was really missing my sunglasses.


And me and my Muddy self! I actually forgot to pick up a medal and the medal guy chased me down to give it to me. I was Muddy, tired, and having the time of my life with this mud run. But the real surprise came when I stopped my polar.


That’s right I finished this Mud run in 1:04. Which is tons better then my last mud run and as I stopped for every obstacle on the field I was so happy with my time.

I would and have recommend the Pretty Muddy 5k to everyone. They seriously need to come to the Los Angeles area so I don’t have to drive so far but other then that it was amazing!

So NeverEver’s it has been a big release to finally write this for you. So happy to finally share my amazing experience with Pretty Muddy.

So how far have you gone for a run? Have you done a mud run before.

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