Guest Post – Caring for Your Health the Modern Way: Best Apps for Tracking Your Health

Hey NeverEver’s!

Its Tuesday and that means Guest Post Day!!! Today I am having a return poster Virigina! Originally she created the Essential Crossfit Gear To Give, which is a great post for the Holidays ^_^.  We are extremely lucky as today is all about apps!

Yup those things that we love on our phone, and the best ones for a Healthy and Active Lifestyle!


We’re living in a miracle age—technology drives much of what we do every day: from the digital alarm clock that wakes us so much more gently than the clanging silver bells or out-of-tune clock radios of our youth, to the electronic sonic toothbrush that scrubs our teeth to previously-unheard of levels of cleanliness. And if it’s true that all this technology has made some of us more sedentary (how many hours a day do we spend sitting in front of our computers?), it’s also true that more and more of us are actively pursuing new ways to get healthy.
                                                     Image Courtesy of ShutterStock
And, of course, for many of us these days, the most important tool in our wellness arsenal isn’t a treadmill or a food scale, but our cell phones. There are apps out there that do all sorts of awesome things: Track your daily steps, count your calories, record your goals, etc.
Below are 5 of our favorite (mostly) free apps for helping you get healthy and stay strong:
Map my Fitness helps you to plan and track your workouts, using just the GPS on your phone.  You can create your own fitness route or find an existing one, join a group of workout buddies or log your speed and calories burned.
This app also allows you to track your nutrition, calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and keep on top of fitness events in your neighborhood as well as around the country.
Price: FREE
Run Keeper is a fitness app that allows you to track your progress as you train at the gym or when you go out into the world to do your running or biking. It will tell you the length of your workout, compare progress with previous workouts and log your heart rate. And you can set it to let you know when you’ve reached specific goals.
Price: FREE
Weight Watchers Mobile provides many of the benefits of the Weight Watchers program, right there in your pocket. The Weight Watchers app allows you to count your calories, track your activity levels, look up recipes and read success stories from fellow health-enthusiasts.
Price: FREE
Everest is a fun app, because it allows you to track any goal you like. Planning to quit smoking? Always dreamed of conquering your debt? Dying to lose 15 pounds? Everest helps you set small, achievable goals, all designed to lead you straight to your own personal mountain-top.
Price: FREE
5. FIG
Fig is more focused on overall wellness and holistic practices. It allows you to establish your own wellness guide with topics ranging over various categories (Eat, Move, Refresh, Connect, Feel, Go Further). You can connect with other people and measure your progress or create action plans to help you reach specific goals .
Price: FREE
Zombies Run! 2 is almost more a game than a running app. As you run for your life on the treadmill or through your local park, you feel more like a kid playing a fantastic game, than an out-of-shape adult trying desperately to get in shape. The app provides dozens of storylines, and lets you choose your own musical accompaniment to add to the mood.
Price: $3.99 (yeah, we know. This one’s not free. But. . . ZOMBIES!!!!!)
Who needs a personal trainer! With just your Smartphone and a selection of really great apps, you can easily take control of your fitness routine. And maybe, just maybe, enjoy yourself while you’re at it.

Virginia Cunninghamis a freelance health writer and fitness enthusiast living in the Los Angeles area. While personal health and wellness is her speciality, her writing, in correlation with HostPapa, also covers the tech industry, including apps reviews, social media and web hosting. 

November 1st

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to the first day of November. Wait its November already? Seriously, wasn’t I just talking about July and EDC? I can’t believe that we only have 61 days until the end of the year. That just seems crazy to me and from what I have read on other blogs crazy to them as well.

But I am starting off the new month right. In plaid. I have always wanted to wear plaid but never really had the guts to pull it off. Well that and I was never sure what to wear with patterns. But I would like to think that I pulled it off today!

So besides my awesome fashion sense (slightly using sarcasm fyi) I am also working on what my month is going to look like. I have it planned out, mostly, and I do not want to see myself not making this happen.

Lets do my runs first.

11/2/2013Awesome 80’s Run in San Diego
Side note I am really looking forward to this run for 2 reasons.
1. I get a Darth Vadar Medal at the end
2. This run is professionally timed. I never had a timing chip before!

11/28/2013Turkey Trot in Los Angeles.
Never done a Turkey Trot before (I wasn’t running last year sooo ya) Oh and did I mention that I get a Medal w/ this run as well!!!

I also have 3 Virtual Runs that I need to do this month but I haven’t exactly planned them out. Usually they just happen. So be on the look out for 3 mile runs happening in the middle of the week ^_~


Next is my workouts. Now that I can walk up my work stairs without gasping for breath I am ready to go hardball again!

Monday – Wednesday
Kickboxing Class at Marcelo Cavalcanti Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
6 pm to 7 pm

Tuesday – Sunday
KettleBells at Long Beach Kettlebell Club
Tue – 5:30 pm / Sun – 8 am

Thursday – Saturday
Spinning Class at Studio Pulse
Thur – 5:30 pm / Sat – 11 am

Brazilian Butt Lift DVD at a Friends House
12:30 – 1:30 pm

I am also doing 2 different side challenges.

The first one I am going to be doing in the morning before heading to work.

Hey even my sleepy head has 4 mins and 30 seconds to spare ^_~

So I will be working on my wall holds in the morning. If you want to join me make sure to post on FB Rhoads To Fitness or you can tweet to join with # RTF30daysofthanks .

The next one is my lunch workout. I personally don’t think it will be strenuous but it will get me active for at least 20 minutes during my lunch. Its from ChallengeLoop and its called LBD Workout and you can follow along w/ #LBDWorkout

But here is the workout.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will be doing

1. Shoulder Raises – 3 sets of 15
2. Hip Hinge – 3 sets of 15 on each leg
3. Reverse Fly  – 3 sets of 15
4. Sit up with a Twist – 2 sets of 20
5. Squat & Swing  – 3 sets of 20

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

1. Press & Reach  – 3 sets of 10
2. Booty Bridge –  3 sets of 10 ( each leg and 1 w/ both legs on ground )
3. Step-ups  – 3 sets of 15 ( 3 sets each leg )
4. Hip Drop Planks  – 30 seconds
5. Hi Pulls  – 3 sets of 10

 Ok that is it. I swear. Gonna start all of this on Monday…except my run of course. That is still on for tomorrow! But now it is time to finish up Friday and to get ready for a really early wake up call for tomorrow.

What are your plans for this November?

13th 5k & No Voice

Hey NeverEver’s!

Its Sunday and I know I should be doing food prep but I have a thing about touching ‘family food’ while sick. I don’t want to get anyone else sick. Soo no food prep today…left overs next week!

Oh ya I am still sick but instead of coughing or a head cold I have lost my voice. No other issues except for a small cough. No sore throat, No bad breathing, No ear pains or anything. Just the lost of my voice. Its a good thing that my blog relies on my typing skills instead of my voice ^_~

But I go to the doctors. And they just tell me that I need to just not use my voice and if it isn’t back with in 3 days then come back. Well I have a job that depends on my voice! I am still debating if I should text my boss to let her know that although I feel fine I am not gonna be able to talk with the customers. However, due to my awesome friends I am trying some more natural remedies for now.

I know it looks weird but this is 1 squeezed lemon, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. I can talk a little better after spooning this down my throat. Do you have any other home remedies? I am willing to try them all right now!

Ok so enough about my voice…lets talk about this weekend! It started on Friday night ^_~

Halloween party with some of my old co-workers and still awesome friends! It was an awesome night with laughs and drinks to be had! Although I did have to leave a little after midnight because of…

I had a Bubble Run to get to! Yup that is right I ran the next morning w/ one of my friends and current co-workers. Man can this lady run!! But the Bubble Run was so much fun. I mean look at those suds at the beginning of the run!

Ok if I had thought that the beginning was fun it was nothing compared to the rest of the 3 miles! First was pink, then blue, then green and finally yellow. Over at the green area the bubbles were so big that they were over my head! Yes I am that short ^_~

However, the run can only last so long (we all hope) and the fun had to end. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t change to the Bubble Run’s official shirt (I didn’t know that there was color bubbles). But we finished the run strong!

My friend was able to get it done in 25:37 (she is a demon on the track!) and mine was a respectable 39:55. I am ok with that time. Actually pretty darn happy with that number to tell the truth.

However, with this run done. I have officially finished the #13in2013 races that I promised to do at the beginning of the year! It really hasn’t hit me that I have been able to do this when last year I never ran. I walked and slowly at that. Now, although I am not fast I am proud to say that I am a runner. Who would have thought that I would say that? Not me from a year ago that is for sure.

So let me say it again. Just to let it sink in for me.


Wow. That is something big. Especially since I got another run next Saturday.

Okay NeverEver’s, I have to help the hubby get dinner ready ( i.e. I am telling him what to do by the doorway and in no way touching the food) so it is done in time for his Packer Game. Oh and my Saints won!!! Woot Woot!

Have a wonderful Sunday and I promise to have food prep for next weekend!

Sunday Food Prep

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Sunday. The day before we all start working again, well at least most people. This past Friday and Saturday it was all about my Birthday. At least with my family and friends. On Friday we went to Sgt. Peppers in Long Beach. Its a Dueling Piano Bar. Good sing along music and better company made for a great night! I also may or may not have drank to much. Not enough where I was hung over the rest of the Saturday but enough where I just knew it was a little too much. Its a really good thing that birthdays only come once a year.

However, on Saturday it was a UFC Fight Night. Now that was a great card ( a card is the fighters for the night ). There wasn’t a bad fight or more importantly, a boring fight!

Oh I also did my hair ^_~

Yup I am a brunette now! I am happy that I had decided to make the change from blonde to brown. It is perfect for the fall / winter. I didn’t really cut my hair though, only curled it so it looks shorter then it is.

Okay now to get onto the fun stuff!!!

Yup Virtual Runs! Courtney (the awesome creator of the Princess Challenge II and my Mulan medal) re-opened up the Princess Challenge I. And the Hubby being as awesome as he is told me that I could get all 5! Which means I have 5 more 5k’s to do this year!

So if you want some more pretty medals you can join me ( ) and others for these runs! I am really looking forward to Jasmine and Rapunzel!

Okay Okay now on the the Sunday Food Prep!

So from left to right

  • Fresh and Easy Score
  • Fresh Herb Rubbed Chicken that I am cooking in a crock pot
  • Pepper / Steak Sauce rubbed Steak wrapped in Turkey Bacon
  • Cucumbers / Strawberries pre-cut for my juicing
  • Tomato Soup
  • Breadless Sandwiches 
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Lemon & Pepper Chicken (not pictured) that will be cooked by the hubby
Yup I am ready for this week! I have my protein and major dinners ready for my double workouts and if they aren’t already ready its an easy make! 
Okay NeverEver’s! I am going to be spending the rest of the day with the Hubby watching him play GTA while I avoid laundry. I sincerely hate laundry!!! 
So how is your food prep going today?

Running / Exercise Schedule

Hey NeverEver’s!

Its Hump Day! I am of course extremely happy that we are now 2 days away from the weekend and I only have 1 more working day. Yup I am taking Friday off. Got a few doc / dental appointments that I shall be going to…and then I am free!!!

But I have been thinking that I need to share this months Exercise / Run Schedule. Also I really need to stay away from groupon / livingsocial. But this is how my month is going to look like

Monday – Boot Camp @
Tuesday – Barre Class @ 
Wednesday – Bikram Yoga (I know!!!) @
Thursday – Boot Camp @
Friday – Day of Rest
Saturday – Bikram Yoga @
Sunday – Day of Rest

Yes I think I am insane at time but so far I am loving it. Doing something different everyday. Making sure that all my body is worked in different ways. It has been enjoyable. Plus…I paid $$$ for these things. I need to do them before they expire.

However, I also mentioned a Running Schedule.

Well here are my upcoming runs

10/5/2013 – Jedi Virtual 5k – Do or Do Not…There is NO Try
10/12/2013 – If the Shoe Fits Virtual 5k – Time to try on Belle’s shoe
10/26/2013 – Pomona Bubble Run w/ a Friend & Hubby
11/2/2013 – San Diego Awesome 80’s Run
11/16/2013 – Green Lantern Virtual 5k – In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No evil shall escape my sight!
(11/28/2013) – Possible Turkey Trot. Looking for a place closer than Dana Point
12/21/2013 – Los Angeles The Ugly Christmas Sweater 5k

And I am sure there is going to be another Star Wars or Beauty and the Beast Virtual Run that I just can’t possibly pass up and that will be added to the list. One good thing about 5k’s is that they are short. So I can schedule them in.

But what do you think about the multiple classes? Too much? Just Right? What runs are you planning?

September in Review

Hey NeverEver’s,

Welcome to the end of September. The last month of the single digits. The knowledge that we only have 3 months left to this year. That the holiday season is coming really…REALLY soon. But before we get into ANY of that lets review this month.

This month isn’t the best that I have had. In fact it was one of the worst that I have had since I started this blog. But that is the thing about months and starting it over. I can leave this month behind and start better and harder for October.

So on September 10th I finished the Be Our Guest 5K. This was my 10th 5k for this year and it has been amazing! Never thought I would get this many 5k’s done this year!

Then on September 24th I did the Princess Challenge 5k the Mulan. My 11th 5k. The Mulan medal is so pretty!

It is a little sad that a whole 30 days and really this is my accomplishments. 2 virtual 5ks while amazing seem to be a little too little.

But like I said I am making sure that October goes the way I want it to go. Starting with today.

I did a Weigh In.

Weight – 203.6
Waist – 49″
Breasts – 41″
Arms – 16″
Thighs – 24″
So at the beginning of this month I was at 200.6 and now I am at 203.6. Personally, I thought I would be higher because of 2 weeks ago I was feeling so blah that I was eating my feelings. But, I got myself down to 203.6 and I am ready to make sure that number is never seen again. 
This is my month. This is where I am. And this is where I am going. 
I started the South Bay Fitness and Fun Boot Camp that I got from Groupon. Today wasn’t easy. It kicked my @ss so many times over that I felt like I was going to throw up. But I didn’t and I actually did pretty damn good. Today’s workout was
Partners Workout
2 Lab Around the Building Park
P1 – 50 Burpees
P2 – Crunches 
1 Lab Around the Building Park
Reverse exercises (i.e P1 does P2 exercises and visa versa)
1 Lab Around the Building Park
P1 – Fast Jumping Jacks – 50
P2 – Plank
1 Lab Around the Building Park
Reverse Exercises
1 Lab Around the Building Park
P1 – Push Up’s -50
P2 – Lateral Raises 
1 Lab Around the Building Park
Reverse Exercises
1 Lab Around the Building Park
P1 – Donkey Kicks – 50 (each leg)
P2 – Lower Ab Raises
1 Lab Around the Building Park
Reverse Exercises
1 Lab Around the Building Park
There was another exercise on the board but me and my partner wasn’t able to get to that one within the hour of the class. The fact that I was able to do 4 out of the 5 is amazing. Especially since…like I said it really did kick my @ss ^_^. 
But I came home and I did my Nightly Prep. 
I got my gym bag (for my Barre Class tomorrow), my lunch (herb chicken w/ raspberry salad), my shakeology and my clothes for tomorrow. 
So I am exhausted. I am headed to bed. I am ready for October and it is gonna be an awesome month. I know it. But what are your plans for this October? 

Motivational Thursday

Hello NeverEver’s!

First look who came to visit me!!

Its my Baby Nephew Adien!! He is soooo cute! And also the reason why there was no post yesterday. He is a distraction too ^_^.

The whole family has been in and out of my in-laws house (which is mine as well) visiting. But he is such a good baby. Not a lot of crying and he survived a 5 hour drive from Arizona to Cali.

Secondly, I finished my 11th 5K out of my 13in2013 challenge. Which means I am going to be waayyy passing my 13 goal, but more on that tomorrow!

Yup I went past my 3 miles and I walked the whole way…still listening to the doctors. But I accidentally kept walking ( I got lost in the music) and did over my 3 miles. Not really complaining about it but it was a perfect time to earn my Mulan!

Then I got these in the mail.

So that is 2 more 5k’s that I will be completely in the next 2 weeks! But aren’t they sooo pretty! I really have fallen in love with virtual runs! I do love getting the medal in the mail and just knowing that I earned it, even if I went at my own (doctor enforced) pace.

Anyways, it is time for Motivational Thursday…and less time with the cutest baby in the world ^_~

Ok NeverEver’s! I am going out for a walk then some more family time when the Hubby comes home from work! Have a great weekend everyone!