Guest Post – Caring for Your Health the Modern Way: Best Apps for Tracking Your Health

Hey NeverEver’s!

Its Tuesday and that means Guest Post Day!!! Today I am having a return poster Virigina! Originally she created the Essential Crossfit Gear To Give, which is a great post for the Holidays ^_^.  We are extremely lucky as today is all about apps!

Yup those things that we love on our phone, and the best ones for a Healthy and Active Lifestyle!


We’re living in a miracle age—technology drives much of what we do every day: from the digital alarm clock that wakes us so much more gently than the clanging silver bells or out-of-tune clock radios of our youth, to the electronic sonic toothbrush that scrubs our teeth to previously-unheard of levels of cleanliness. And if it’s true that all this technology has made some of us more sedentary (how many hours a day do we spend sitting in front of our computers?), it’s also true that more and more of us are actively pursuing new ways to get healthy.
                                                     Image Courtesy of ShutterStock
And, of course, for many of us these days, the most important tool in our wellness arsenal isn’t a treadmill or a food scale, but our cell phones. There are apps out there that do all sorts of awesome things: Track your daily steps, count your calories, record your goals, etc.
Below are 5 of our favorite (mostly) free apps for helping you get healthy and stay strong:
Map my Fitness helps you to plan and track your workouts, using just the GPS on your phone.  You can create your own fitness route or find an existing one, join a group of workout buddies or log your speed and calories burned.
This app also allows you to track your nutrition, calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and keep on top of fitness events in your neighborhood as well as around the country.
Price: FREE
Run Keeper is a fitness app that allows you to track your progress as you train at the gym or when you go out into the world to do your running or biking. It will tell you the length of your workout, compare progress with previous workouts and log your heart rate. And you can set it to let you know when you’ve reached specific goals.
Price: FREE
Weight Watchers Mobile provides many of the benefits of the Weight Watchers program, right there in your pocket. The Weight Watchers app allows you to count your calories, track your activity levels, look up recipes and read success stories from fellow health-enthusiasts.
Price: FREE
Everest is a fun app, because it allows you to track any goal you like. Planning to quit smoking? Always dreamed of conquering your debt? Dying to lose 15 pounds? Everest helps you set small, achievable goals, all designed to lead you straight to your own personal mountain-top.
Price: FREE
5. FIG
Fig is more focused on overall wellness and holistic practices. It allows you to establish your own wellness guide with topics ranging over various categories (Eat, Move, Refresh, Connect, Feel, Go Further). You can connect with other people and measure your progress or create action plans to help you reach specific goals .
Price: FREE
Zombies Run! 2 is almost more a game than a running app. As you run for your life on the treadmill or through your local park, you feel more like a kid playing a fantastic game, than an out-of-shape adult trying desperately to get in shape. The app provides dozens of storylines, and lets you choose your own musical accompaniment to add to the mood.
Price: $3.99 (yeah, we know. This one’s not free. But. . . ZOMBIES!!!!!)
Who needs a personal trainer! With just your Smartphone and a selection of really great apps, you can easily take control of your fitness routine. And maybe, just maybe, enjoy yourself while you’re at it.

Virginia Cunninghamis a freelance health writer and fitness enthusiast living in the Los Angeles area. While personal health and wellness is her speciality, her writing, in correlation with HostPapa, also covers the tech industry, including apps reviews, social media and web hosting. 

Motivational Thursday

Hello NeverEver’s!

First look who came to visit me!!

Its my Baby Nephew Adien!! He is soooo cute! And also the reason why there was no post yesterday. He is a distraction too ^_^.

The whole family has been in and out of my in-laws house (which is mine as well) visiting. But he is such a good baby. Not a lot of crying and he survived a 5 hour drive from Arizona to Cali.

Secondly, I finished my 11th 5K out of my 13in2013 challenge. Which means I am going to be waayyy passing my 13 goal, but more on that tomorrow!

Yup I went past my 3 miles and I walked the whole way…still listening to the doctors. But I accidentally kept walking ( I got lost in the music) and did over my 3 miles. Not really complaining about it but it was a perfect time to earn my Mulan!

Then I got these in the mail.

So that is 2 more 5k’s that I will be completely in the next 2 weeks! But aren’t they sooo pretty! I really have fallen in love with virtual runs! I do love getting the medal in the mail and just knowing that I earned it, even if I went at my own (doctor enforced) pace.

Anyways, it is time for Motivational Thursday…and less time with the cutest baby in the world ^_~

Ok NeverEver’s! I am going out for a walk then some more family time when the Hubby comes home from work! Have a great weekend everyone! 

I Love (Hate) Running

Hey NeverEver’s!

Power was out yesterday so we basically just sat in the dark (we don’t have candles…which is something I am going to remedy) and played some of our boardgames. The phones went dead pretty quickly so it was like being in a little cocoon. No internet, No TV just us.

But I am glad that is over ^_~ Nothing is quite like the internet!

So update on my Weigh In. 
Last Weigh In – 200.4
Yup. I maintained. Which I am not surprised about. Yes I worked out last week, and I am happy with my workouts, but I didn’t really watch my food intake. I ate out a lot. So I maintained. 
This week I have food prepped my whole week. So I am pretty confident in my Weight Loss for this week! 
However, I wanted to show off a few runs that I have coming up. Nothing quite like having a 5K coming up to get the butt into gear ^_~
First off is the Splash Dash 5k
This one is coming up on 8/3/2013 (next Saturday oh boy)
But doesn’t it look like so much fun? 
It is also supposed to be hot that day so I think its perfect. Gotta say I really love Groupon!!
Second is – Ready Set Glow
Yes I am doing another night run! They are so much fun! 
Plus this one I am not only running with the Hubby but also a Friend! 
It is going to be epic! 
This one is on August 17th. 
The Third Race is a Virtual Run
This one also comes with a Medal that I just LOVE! Have I told anyone that I am a Beauty and the Beast Fan? No? Well I am. Major. So when I say this I just had to get it. 
Also, I will be running this one alone. Hubby isn’t into Virtual Runs. 
Oh isn’t it so pretty! They also have a Half Marathon Beast Medal…but I am just not up to that yet. 
Really can not wait to get this Beauty!! 

The Fourth is – Bubble Run
Now this one I am running with the Hubby and another Friend!
I just love the ideas of Bubbles instead of Colors. I mean get clean while running right!?!?
Running this one on October 26th. 

 Yes I will also be updating my Race Page with all of these awesome runs that are coming up! I still can’t believe that I will not be running any of these alone but with Friends and the Hubby! Makes training for these all that much sweeter…especially since all of them can out pace me by just walking -_-. Sometimes having short legs and being on 5’0 isn’t awesome.

But I do have a love hate relationship with running. Currently running has been giving me better times on my 5K’s and I feel more confident then ever before when I see the track. But on the downside I am getting Plantar Fasciitis. Which basically means that I get heel pain every time I get up after sitting down for a while. In the morning I look like a 95 old grandma hobbling from the bed. Not fun.

I am going to the doctors as soon as I get insurance to see if anything can be done (not likely). But I didn’t have this issue before running. However, I do love running enough that I am not going to give it up. I like the freedom and how I have been pushing myself harder and longer then ever before.

So NeverEver’s, running does it for you or no? Have any races coming up?

Sunday Runday

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Sunday! I hope you all had a great one. Well hopefully I hope you had a great weekend…let alone just Sunday. Mine was pretty great. However, I really did enjoy my impromptu date with the Hubby on Saturday. We went shopping for new sheets, still haven’t found them,and ended up at a wonderful Mexican Restaurant sitting outside enjoying some live entertainment.

Well we also enjoyed our own drinks too. I got a mango strawberry, margarita and Hubby got a pineapple, coconut mojito. Which, I will admit tasted really good…even if I don’t like either coconut or pineapple. But it was a really nice day all around. But we still need sheets!

 But my Sunday…it actually turned into a RunDay. Which is unusual for me, but I really want this to continue. So let me explain.

As you all now on 4/15/2013 a horrible event happened in Boston. Many people, runners and not, got together and created events to support the Boston Marathon. It was wonderful that so many people got together for the Boston Marathon.

So after going through all the events I had decided on 1 that was created by RunJunkees. They did a facebook event called Runners United to Remember and it goes on until May 5th. Many people are running 2.62 miles.

I however, decided that I want to run the whole 26.2 miles. No I am not crazy and Yes you did read that right. So how am I…the person who is just getting used to running 3.1 miles going to be running 26.2 miles. Well its easy-ish.

I am going to be running 2.62 miles for 10 days from 4/21/13 to 4/30/13. I will not be ‘combining’ any other races into this run. So if I happen to do a 5k that day I still have to do the 2.62 for Runners United to Remember. And that is what I…kind of…did today!

I wasn’t able, at that point, to complete a total of 2.62 miles. My pants decided to rip right at the seem and was chaffing way to much. So I was able to do 1.70 and I will complete the 0.92 miles tonight…in new pants! It was disappointing to know I wasn’t able to complete the full milage that I wanted to, but I would have rather stopped then before a rash or more chaffing then not being able to continue my goal run for Boston.

Now this wasn’t the ONLY run that I did today! There is more!!!

I also did a 5k as well! This one was for AnyWhere5k! I really do love this site. They have both free and paid Virtual Runs! This run was for Dustin Rhodes and I have to say it was really nice running for a cause. Not to say that my other races didn’t have their charities but it wasn’t ALL about those charities.

I am pretty happy with my time. Yes it is 4 minutes slower then my last Virtual Run for St Patricks Day Run but I haven’t been working out this month. So it shows me that working out DOES make a difference. 
So after 2 different runs today I am a little tired. I still got to finish my 2.62 miles tonight so I am going to be resting up for that. I will see you all tomorrow NeverEver’s! 

Motivational Thursday + End of Month Review

Hey NeverEver’s!

I can’t believe that it is already the end of February! It has been a month of quite a few ups and downs but I made it through all of them.

On the good news I will be getting a job in about 2 months (YAY). It will be in the medical field and the building (which is currently under construction, which is why it will be 2 months) is in the city where I live! So, I can walk to work ^_^. This is a HUGE weight off my mind, I know the light is at the end of the tunnel and that is making everything better!

Other good news, which I can’t really believe I did it, I did 3 5k’s this month! Last year I didn’t think I could do even 1.

The Color Run 5k

The Love Mud Run 5k

#Anywhere5k Virtual Run 5k

I have a total of 4 5k’s done for this year and still have another 9 more to go to complete the #13in2013 challenge. I will tell you guys all the truth. I never thought, when I first signed up for the challenge, that I would really go past my first 5k. But, I am proved to myself that I CAN do it and HAVE done it. I just needed to take that first step!

So, I really wanted to see what I was doing with my running. I mean I know that I can now go 3.1 miles (YAY) but there is room for improvement, as always, so I went do to Nike+ and got a 30 day review.

What I really want to concentrate on is my pace. I want to run a faster mile…or hell even run a mile without needing to walk. Currently my average pace is 18’05 and for Woman my age is it 12’28. So there is a 6 minute difference that I will be working on. 
But, even if my pace is 18’05 I wanted to see what I did this month. Personally, I felt that I haven’t done that much this month. 

But, this review shows me that I did more then I thought I did. Which is exactly what I needed to start March strong. I want to beat 28.05 miles next month, I am thinking 35 miles? Or maybe I should do more? Not sure yet.

So, I feel that I have been a little lazy this month, okay at times a LOT lazy, but it is something that I am working on. The fact that I know I have a job means so much to me. I have a purpose and a deadline to having to stay at home all the time. I have a deadline to when I can stop trying to figure out my bills and just live again. It isn’t here yet but it is closer then ever.

Well, now that I am motivated by my running goals, how about we start the Motivational Thursday!

Since today was a weight day, I did have to push myself not to stop!

This is true. I am going to be ready for the next few months!

I really thought that this was great. Simple and to the point!
The couch is comfortable but it will NEVER beat the feeling of going to the gym!

Since it is almost March and there is survey’s out there that say this is the time when people quit. Don’t quit! Just remember the reason why you are working out in the first place!  

The choice is always ours. If we give up or if we give it all we got! 
Okay NeverEver’s, I am SUPER tired from my workout today. I might even hit the bed early. See you all tomorrow!

First Virtual Race 5k

Hey NeverEver’s!

So today is Sunday. How did it already become Sunday? And whats more how is it already the end of February? I am not sure but I guess that is how time goes right, it just keeps going and going.

I will be truthful, right now things aren’t going to well for me. At least not in the job market. It is amazing how much 1 little, or not so little, thing takes up so many thoughts. So, trying to be in the interest of fairness, will inform you that I might be a little mopey.

Anyways, enough of that for now, I have my first virtual run to show and tell ^_^.

So as I mentioned before, I was going to be doing my first Virtual 5k…ever. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it? If I was going to be able to stay motivated? If it would even be the same. I just didn’t know. 
Well now I know. And I can answer you this. There is nothing quite like ‘race’ day and its atmosphere. But, on the other side the Virtual Run did have its own advantages. 

1. I got to do the Virtual Run any time over the weekend. Which was nice because I was originally planning on doing it on 2/23 and that SOOO didn’t happen.
2. I was able to do it ANYWHERE I wanted it. It was originally thought that I would do this outside…but it turned out to be an indoor treadmill run. 
3. It kept me motivated on that Treadmill, like nothing else has done before
4. It was kind of fun being the only one running. Kind of like a secret mission that only I could do. Yes, I wanted WAYYY to much 007 at a very impressionable age ^_~
5. You get to warm up, however you want. On most race days all I do is stretch out my legs and that is it. On the Virtual Run I was able to walk for 5 minutes just to warm up before starting my ‘run’
So all in all I enjoyed my first ever Virtual Run. There is really quite a bit of room for improvement not only on the time but in how much I can run at one time. But, I will get there.
For now, I am just damn proud of myself for doing 3…yes ‘3‘ 5k’s this month! That is something astounding to me. Hell, to the truthful the fact that I am doing this, any of this, still surprises me at times. But, there is NO turning back now. What would be the point when I have already accomplished so much! 
Anyways, I just wanted to give my own 2 cents about the Virtual Runs and to Share ALL about my own race. 
Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend NeverEver’s! Side note, I know that I missed my Friday Weigh In and I will be having it on Monday instead.