Guest Post – How to Have a Happy & Healthy Holiday (Protein please, Hold the gluten!)

Hey NeverEver’s!

It is now officially 2 days away from T-Day or otherwise known as Turkey Day. So of course this Tuesday I had to have a special Thanksgiving Guest Post and I found one! A special thanks to Amber from Eats & Exercise Amber for coming up with this post about having a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving.  The table is set, the turkey is cooling and everyone gathers together.  Around the table family and friends, one by one say what they are thankful for.  While everyone else is treasuring this moment, if you have Celiac Disease, food allergies, or intolerance’s, you’re more concerned if whether your host is going to unintentionally poison you.  It’s hard to give thanks when you’re worried about the serious complications accidentally ingesting gluten could do to your insides…

Dealing with a diagnosis of Celiac or other food limiting conditions/intolerance’s can be tough, especially when it comes to events that are revolved around food.  I was sure that my first gluten free Thanksgiving would be awful but it wasn’t!  Instead, I survived, thrived even, with not an ounce of gluten accidentally ingested AND I educated my whole family on cross contamination and why we couldn’t mix up the spoons for gravy and stuffing.
This year, I found out that I wouldn’t be able to go home for Thanksgiving.  So instead, I would be spending it with my boyfriend and his family.  While most girls would be excited, I was at first anxious and uncomfortable.  The whole idea made me feel sick as if I had already been glutened!  His family doesn’t know my dietary needs that well and often forget that in addition to gluten, I cannot have lactose.  So, after a few weeks of worrying and planning out possible what if scenarios, I decided that enough was enough and that it was time to take charge of the situation because if I wasn’t going to ensure my health and safety then who was?
So, if you are experiencing your first gluten free Thanksgiving or spending the holiday with those who may not be familiar with your needs, here are my five tips on how to have a healthy and happy holiday!
Talk to your host about everything.  Whether you feel as if you are being annoying or not, you are your own best advocate and if you don’t speak up, it could result in you becoming sick.
1. Not all turkey’s are gluten free – tell your host this ASAP
Do your research and provide your host with a list of safe and unsafe turkeys.  For example, Butterball turkey is not gluten free, Wegmans’ brand is.  When broaching this subject, remember to be polite and courteous, do not demand they buy a certain brand, say something like, “I did a little research and found out that not all turkeys were gluten free.  This was something I wasn’t aware of, so I found a list of safe and unsafe brands for you to keep in mind when you’re shopping please”
2. Ask your host what the menu/meal plan is. 
Most families have a typical menu for every year, so it should not be too difficult to ask this in advance.  If your host is unsure, then go over what ingredients that you cannot have, such as breadcrumbs in the stuffing, specific broths that are not gluten free for basting the turkey, gravy mixes that use wheat flour, etc.  You may need to write this down for your host or send them an email list.  If you think that they will forget, then write it down or email it to them whether they want you to or not.  Also, remind them closer to the day of about specifics you talked about!  Depending on your host, they may be willing to make some changes to their meal menu so you can enjoy as many side dishes as possible. 
3. Provide ingredients for the host to cook with. 
Most “normal” people do not keep lactose free butter, gluten free bread crumbs, xatham gum, rice flour, etc. in their house nor do they need to!  If your host is willing to cook with your ingredient substitutions, provide them with the ingredients.  For example: gluten free croutons/bread crumbs for the stuffing, lactaid milk, and lactose free butter for the mashed potatoes
4.  Offer to help cook
If your host is using your “special ingredients” or says that they are using naturally gluten free items, offer to help them cook.  I know it always makes me feel better when I have prepared or helped prepare the food I plan on eating.  This ensures that there has been no contamination because I have watched it like a hawk.  Plus, your offering to cook helps lessen the burden on the hosting chef, who probably is just as nervous about serving you, as you are about eating their food!
5. Don’t let yourself be deprived! Bring your own sides AND dessert!
Your host should be able to provide you with a gluten free turkey (since there are plenty of brand options out there) but as for side dishes, well that could be a whole different story, especially if it’s great great great grandma’s recipe that is a tradition to be made, as is.  If this is the case, make your own sides!  If you are traveling, pack a cooler with your pre-cooked sides and when you arrive on location, politely ask where you can store your own prepared sides.  Just before dinner, pop your own options into the microwave.  If you feel embarrassed or silly doing this, don’t.  You are being smart and allowing yourself to enjoy what YOU want to eat on this holiday!  If you are staying on location, bring your own ingredients to prepare your own sides.  For my gluten free, dairy free Thanksgiving feast this year, I know that I am going to have to make my own sides.  After talking to my boyfriend’s mom, I realized that although there would be some gluten free items for me, there would not be lactose free items.  I am extremely sensitive to whole milk and butter, so instead of having a bare plate, I plan on making my own sides!  I will be replacing milky mashed potatoes with a sweet potato, gluten filled biscuits with a few slices of cornbread I made already made a batch of and froze, and cream of mushroom gluten-filled green bean casserole with green beans and mushrooms sautéed with a little olive oil.  While it may not be the easiest thing to have to cook for myself and travel with my food, it also isn’t easy to sit at a table and watch everyone else eat what I cannot have.  In addition to side dishes, don’t forget about dessert!  If you’re an avid baker, bake something for everyone.  If you don’t feel like making enough for everyone, make a single portion of a sweet treat you would like to have while everyone else is eating dessert!
I hope that these tips helped!
Stay happy & healthy

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Thanksgiving Food Prep

Hey NeverEver’s!

We are officially 3 days away from Thanksgiving which I just can’t believe that means we are that close to Christmas. Well I can but I would prefer if we could go back a few months ago ^_~. Time seems to be flying by with no stop.

But anyways, since this is Sunday and I usually do my Food Prep or at least Food Planning for the following week I thought I would tell you all about my plans for Thanksgiving. Because to tell the truth Monday – Wednesday is going to be left overs. All my cooking skills are going to be stored up for Thanksgiving.

So here is my Game Plan!

TurkeyFig Glazed Roast Turkey (Food Network pg 155) I have never done a glazed Turkey, I have done a Herb Rubbed, Brine and Salted. But never glazed so I am really looking forward to this one.

Stuffing – I am doing SkinnyTastes Mushroom Quinoa Stuffing. I have gotten my family to like Quinoa and I wanted something different then a bread stuffing.

SauceCranberry Orange Sauce (Food Network pg 155).

Vegetable – Carrots with Walnuts (Food Network pg 176)

SaladSpinach Apple Salad (Food Network pg 176)

DessertCranberry Pear Crisp (Food Network pg 94)

I was able to find most of the recipes in the magazine online of their page so I have included the links!

What is the best thing about this upcoming Holiday? It isn’t the food that I m cooking, although I am looking forward to it. It is the

The run I am doing that morning!

Yesterday I picked up my race gear and I got all of this! Look a T-Shirt, Hat, and Time Card! Plus we all get a finisher medal!!!

Really looking forward to this run!

Oh and before I leave for the night, heading to the Laugh Factory tonight w/ the Hubby, I wanted to share with you all my latest NSV!

I got boots to fit over my calf! Now this is a BIG BIG deal for me. I have always wanted to wear knee boots and high calf boots but my legs were just to big to fit into them. Well I got it! I lost a nail (well the length of it) getting one of them on but it doesn’t matter. It went on!


Okay NeverEver’s, I am ready to call it a night. So how are your Thanksgiving plans going? Are you ready? Have you started on your Christmas list yet? I have but then I am a Christmas Freak so thats ok ^_~

Sunday Food Prep

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Sunday. Is it just me or did this weekend fly by? I swear that it was just Friday yesterday and now its Sunday.

Has anyone started planning for Thanksgiving yet? In my family it is me who does the Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t mind its just a ton of planning for a family my size. I am thinking about doing a quinoa stuffing I saw on pinterest (if I can find it again). It seemed like a good alternative to bread. Also, I am going to try and make a pie (and to use Thanksgiving as a cheat day of course). But, since it will be my first pie ever made I am still considering it.

However, it is Sunday and that means Food Prep or at least for me getting my recipes ready so I know exactly what I am making on each day. Except for Tuesday as I am going to the dentist and will most likely be having left overs…or something.

So here is my week plan.

Monday – I am craving this one again – French Onion Soup

Tuesday – If I feel up to it w/ the dentist – Pasta and Broccoli

Wednesday – Grilled Steak Fajitas

Thursday – I have been wanting to try this – Oven Fried Chicken

Friday – Tuna Noodle Casserole

Sat and Sun I will be doing left overs. There should be more then enough for not only lunch but to survive until Sunday. If not I shall improvise ^_~.

Yup so this is my plan. Of course I will be loading up on veggies / fruit for snacks in between all of the dinners. I am really looking forward to this week and seeing what I can do for myself!

Okay NeverEver’s, it is time to enjoy…well almost enjoy, my Saints beat the 49er’s (please please please!). So I am leaving you all with my plans.

What is your Food Planning for this week?

Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Thursday! The week is almost done and the weekend is almost here. Not to mention that Thanksgiving is coming soon.

Seriously, its coming and I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Cause I am the one in the family that cooks the dinner. Last year it wasn’t a bad turkey if I do say so myself but this year I want to do even better. How?

I am thinking about making my first pie!

Yup a pie! I haven’t made the decision if to do it or not but its there…in the back of my head…making me think about pies at random moments.

Anyways, on to my day so far and then…Motivational Thursday!!

So I started my day off right! Shakeology, Coffee and Water. Plus my Shakeology is in a Saints Cup!!
I killed my lunch workout for the #LBDWorkout! I even did 15 close squats and 15 wide leg squats at the end of my Thursday workout. Plus some left over soup from SkinnyTaste, a Broccoli, Cheese and Potato Soup
But I had almost forgot about my wallsit challenge. Well I am going to do it when I came home but I decided that it wasn’t a good idea to wait. Especially since I am going to be doing my spin class tonight. So in comes the work wallsit! 
Now on to the Motivation!! 

Okay NeverEver’s! It is time for me to get back to the grindstone! I will see you all late! Have a great Thursday and even better weekend! 

Laryngitis How I Hate You

Hey NeverEver’s!

I swear to you there is nothing worse then being sick but not feeling sick…unless you start doing something physical. That is how I am feeling with my Laryngitis. I feel fine. No fever, no headaches, no throat hurting, no coughing (ok some they don’t come often) and no body aches. Yet when I am faced with climbing upstairs (like at work) by the top I am winded and dying. So this is why I am seriously hating on Laryngitis. It isn’t fair. I hate being sick and I haven’t had this particular cold since I was a kid and I remember my throat was hurting a lot more back then.

Anyways, the worst part is the whole ‘I can’t even go upstairs how am I to workout’ deal. I want to workout. I have my barre, bikram and boot camp to finish this month. I wanted to finish strong, I wanted to show myself that I could do it. But nature had other plans for me. Nature (or at least my body) told me NO you are going to take a break. I have tried to fight it, with my 5k last Saturday, and at times I succeeded but for now I have to take it easy.

So what does all of this mean for me? Besides the fact that I can’t work out or do anything more then just walk around? Well it means tons of

So admittedly this is my struggle. I mean I have given up Soda’s for 2 1/2 months and counting! But beyond that I still have my sweets, I still eat out and although I am cooking more at home it just isn’t enough. So while I was at lunch feeling sorry for myself (hey I can’t talk and I can’t work out I am allowed a moment of self pity) it hit me. Why not make the rest of this week all about clean eating. Do something that your body will appropriate even if you cant do anymore burpees (my boot camp instructor loves these horrible creations) currently.

But I know if I try to do to much at the same time (unlike too much working out) I am going to get over whelmed. However, it does seem to work, at least for me, that if I make 1 or 2 changes at a time with my eating clean that I can stick with it. For proof please look at the fact that I can’t stand the taste of soda anymore and I do not even crave it. Oh and I have given up white sugars. Oh and plus no more splenda or white sugar cane. I either do Stevia (which I admit I am still getting used to the taste of it) or Brown sugar cane.

So here are my options.

Now to be completely honest I don’t think I am ready for Paleo yet. I mean I still eat In-N-Out for lunch or go out on the weekends. That type of dedication to eating is something to be looked upon with awe but with the knowledge that I am just not there.

So that leaves clean eating. Which is nicely broken down here for me. So what exactly am I going to focus on?

  • More Fruits and Veggies in my life. Which includes during lunch, dinner AND as Snacks
  • More Water…Seriously I need at least 4 of my purple bottle (20 oz) a day
  • Since I am not working out…cook but just for me. Don’t want the family getting sick
  • Stay away from processed foods. 
I have included a guide on here, for me and for you, on what basically clean eating food is. I am printing this out as I head to the grocery store tonight after work. 
Looking at my list of things that I want to change most of them are doable. Actually, they all are but the one I am probably going to have the most issue with is the ‘Stay away from Processed Foods’ one. I mean lets me honest it is so much easier getting processed foods even if you don’t mean too. I tried getting corn off a cob and it was a pain. A real pain so I still buy canned goods. Maybe I should just stay away from corn…
Anyways, I am ready for this challenge. I am ready to do something else for my body that I have been neglecting. 

So that is my plan for the rest of the week. Or at least until I can go back up the stairs without being winded. Hopefully, that happens soon!

Sunday Food Prep

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Sunday. The day before we all start working again, well at least most people. This past Friday and Saturday it was all about my Birthday. At least with my family and friends. On Friday we went to Sgt. Peppers in Long Beach. Its a Dueling Piano Bar. Good sing along music and better company made for a great night! I also may or may not have drank to much. Not enough where I was hung over the rest of the Saturday but enough where I just knew it was a little too much. Its a really good thing that birthdays only come once a year.

However, on Saturday it was a UFC Fight Night. Now that was a great card ( a card is the fighters for the night ). There wasn’t a bad fight or more importantly, a boring fight!

Oh I also did my hair ^_~

Yup I am a brunette now! I am happy that I had decided to make the change from blonde to brown. It is perfect for the fall / winter. I didn’t really cut my hair though, only curled it so it looks shorter then it is.

Okay now to get onto the fun stuff!!!

Yup Virtual Runs! Courtney (the awesome creator of the Princess Challenge II and my Mulan medal) re-opened up the Princess Challenge I. And the Hubby being as awesome as he is told me that I could get all 5! Which means I have 5 more 5k’s to do this year!

So if you want some more pretty medals you can join me ( ) and others for these runs! I am really looking forward to Jasmine and Rapunzel!

Okay Okay now on the the Sunday Food Prep!

So from left to right

  • Fresh and Easy Score
  • Fresh Herb Rubbed Chicken that I am cooking in a crock pot
  • Pepper / Steak Sauce rubbed Steak wrapped in Turkey Bacon
  • Cucumbers / Strawberries pre-cut for my juicing
  • Tomato Soup
  • Breadless Sandwiches 
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Lemon & Pepper Chicken (not pictured) that will be cooked by the hubby
Yup I am ready for this week! I have my protein and major dinners ready for my double workouts and if they aren’t already ready its an easy make! 
Okay NeverEver’s! I am going to be spending the rest of the day with the Hubby watching him play GTA while I avoid laundry. I sincerely hate laundry!!! 
So how is your food prep going today?

September in Review

Hey NeverEver’s,

Welcome to the end of September. The last month of the single digits. The knowledge that we only have 3 months left to this year. That the holiday season is coming really…REALLY soon. But before we get into ANY of that lets review this month.

This month isn’t the best that I have had. In fact it was one of the worst that I have had since I started this blog. But that is the thing about months and starting it over. I can leave this month behind and start better and harder for October.

So on September 10th I finished the Be Our Guest 5K. This was my 10th 5k for this year and it has been amazing! Never thought I would get this many 5k’s done this year!

Then on September 24th I did the Princess Challenge 5k the Mulan. My 11th 5k. The Mulan medal is so pretty!

It is a little sad that a whole 30 days and really this is my accomplishments. 2 virtual 5ks while amazing seem to be a little too little.

But like I said I am making sure that October goes the way I want it to go. Starting with today.

I did a Weigh In.

Weight – 203.6
Waist – 49″
Breasts – 41″
Arms – 16″
Thighs – 24″
So at the beginning of this month I was at 200.6 and now I am at 203.6. Personally, I thought I would be higher because of 2 weeks ago I was feeling so blah that I was eating my feelings. But, I got myself down to 203.6 and I am ready to make sure that number is never seen again. 
This is my month. This is where I am. And this is where I am going. 
I started the South Bay Fitness and Fun Boot Camp that I got from Groupon. Today wasn’t easy. It kicked my @ss so many times over that I felt like I was going to throw up. But I didn’t and I actually did pretty damn good. Today’s workout was
Partners Workout
2 Lab Around the Building Park
P1 – 50 Burpees
P2 – Crunches 
1 Lab Around the Building Park
Reverse exercises (i.e P1 does P2 exercises and visa versa)
1 Lab Around the Building Park
P1 – Fast Jumping Jacks – 50
P2 – Plank
1 Lab Around the Building Park
Reverse Exercises
1 Lab Around the Building Park
P1 – Push Up’s -50
P2 – Lateral Raises 
1 Lab Around the Building Park
Reverse Exercises
1 Lab Around the Building Park
P1 – Donkey Kicks – 50 (each leg)
P2 – Lower Ab Raises
1 Lab Around the Building Park
Reverse Exercises
1 Lab Around the Building Park
There was another exercise on the board but me and my partner wasn’t able to get to that one within the hour of the class. The fact that I was able to do 4 out of the 5 is amazing. Especially since…like I said it really did kick my @ss ^_^. 
But I came home and I did my Nightly Prep. 
I got my gym bag (for my Barre Class tomorrow), my lunch (herb chicken w/ raspberry salad), my shakeology and my clothes for tomorrow. 
So I am exhausted. I am headed to bed. I am ready for October and it is gonna be an awesome month. I know it. But what are your plans for this October?