Thanksgiving Food Prep

Hey NeverEver’s!

We are officially 3 days away from Thanksgiving which I just can’t believe that means we are that close to Christmas. Well I can but I would prefer if we could go back a few months ago ^_~. Time seems to be flying by with no stop.

But anyways, since this is Sunday and I usually do my Food Prep or at least Food Planning for the following week I thought I would tell you all about my plans for Thanksgiving. Because to tell the truth Monday – Wednesday is going to be left overs. All my cooking skills are going to be stored up for Thanksgiving.

So here is my Game Plan!

TurkeyFig Glazed Roast Turkey (Food Network pg 155) I have never done a glazed Turkey, I have done a Herb Rubbed, Brine and Salted. But never glazed so I am really looking forward to this one.

Stuffing – I am doing SkinnyTastes Mushroom Quinoa Stuffing. I have gotten my family to like Quinoa and I wanted something different then a bread stuffing.

SauceCranberry Orange Sauce (Food Network pg 155).

Vegetable – Carrots with Walnuts (Food Network pg 176)

SaladSpinach Apple Salad (Food Network pg 176)

DessertCranberry Pear Crisp (Food Network pg 94)

I was able to find most of the recipes in the magazine online of their page so I have included the links!

What is the best thing about this upcoming Holiday? It isn’t the food that I m cooking, although I am looking forward to it. It is the

The run I am doing that morning!

Yesterday I picked up my race gear and I got all of this! Look a T-Shirt, Hat, and Time Card! Plus we all get a finisher medal!!!

Really looking forward to this run!

Oh and before I leave for the night, heading to the Laugh Factory tonight w/ the Hubby, I wanted to share with you all my latest NSV!

I got boots to fit over my calf! Now this is a BIG BIG deal for me. I have always wanted to wear knee boots and high calf boots but my legs were just to big to fit into them. Well I got it! I lost a nail (well the length of it) getting one of them on but it doesn’t matter. It went on!


Okay NeverEver’s, I am ready to call it a night. So how are your Thanksgiving plans going? Are you ready? Have you started on your Christmas list yet? I have but then I am a Christmas Freak so thats ok ^_~

Extremely Thankful Thanksgiving!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Over here on the West Coast I just finished my Thanksgiving Dinner, with the family that have grown on me and I love so much!

Have to say I was cooking for a lot more people then the ones that showed up, but it was all delicious!

Here was the trip!

Basting the Turkey. Lots and Lots of Herbs!

Setting it for over night! 

Making the Cranberry Bliss Bars from @Averie Cooks 

It heading into the oven!
Happy Thanksgiving! This is where all the magic is gonna happen!

But breakfast first please!

The Turkey getting its Herbs on!

The delicious Cranberry Bliss Bars getting its frosting on!

Making sure the turkey is getting all over juice!

Turkey is ready! Just need to stuff it with some Carrots and Chives!

Side view ^_^

The table is ready and Hubby and I get the Christmas Plates!

The turkey all ready! 
My In Laws, My Sister in Law and Her BF over for Thanksgiving! 
The first carve goes to my Father in Law!

My plate filled with, PeaPods & Mushrooms, 3 Cheese Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans w/ Garlic Potatoes, Corn on the Cob & Basted Turkey w/ Cranberry Apple Butter.

Bread w/ Brie Cheese and Apricot (sugar free) jelly! Have to say this is one for my favorites! 
Okay NeverEver’s, the family and I are watching the Turkey Game (poor Jets) and enjoying a glass of Shutter Home Wine before getting some desert!
I hope you all have had an amazing Thanksgiving! See you all tomorrow 

Manic Week, And it just Started!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Thanksgiving week…a time when everyone runs around with their heads off. Work is crazier, family is crazier, and sleep seems non-existent. What was sleep again?

So on my drive home I get to go through LAX, which the last 2 nights have been HORRIBLE! Of course all of it Holiday Traffic. But I did run into something (not literally thankfully) that made me laugh

I do oh so love a fan like this! To bad there wasn’t a FANSTAR or something like that! But still LOTR is a great book/movie and I am really looking forward to seeing the Hobbit this December!

Found some weekend photos from Island Burgers, you all know we love that spot! Have to say these are pretty handsome pictures ^_~

Gotta love the cheesy grin! We were sitting outside in the patio so the flash really bright! But I still love this photo!

And me all warm in my sweater dress! Have to say I was feeling really brave to be wearing white! Never really done it before but hey it was a night of adventure!

So yesterday, I was in need of some comfort food. I have been craving tomato soup with a sandwich which I have been meaning to make at home…which hasn’t happened! Anyways, I stopped by a local place called J. Nichols in Culver City right by my work and I saw it. The cheese and tomato soup combo!

It was everything I wanted…and more! I am seriously wanting to make it at home, maybe this long weekend?

So I am finishing today with my breakfast. Blue Diamond Almonds, Starbucks VIA Christmas Blend Coffee, and a nice and soft Granny Smith Apple! I think this is a perfect fall snack / breakfast thingy.

And that is all my updates for being gone 2 days. Seriously, not enough time in a day!

Heading over to Pavillions to pick up a few more corn on the cobs, more people are coming over for dinner! Thank Goodness I got a 18 pound turkey!!

Really looking forward to the challenge officially starting tomorrow as well. I have been walking the last 2 nights once I got home, my way of relaxing after the traffic. But, it would been nice to throw some squats or burpees in there to get ready for it.

I do hope that some of you join in on this Holiday Challenge!

Okay NeverEver’s, I think that is all. Will be showing you all pictures tomorrow!

Until then, be safe and have a wonderful holiday!

Thanksgiving Already?!?!?

Hey NeverEver’s,

Can you guys believe that it is already Sunday…and only 3 days away from Thanksgiving? I really can’t believe that it is already here. Where has the time gone? Seriously!

I just got my Turkey and since I can have anywhere from 10 to 20 people over this Thursday, I had to go big! Found a 18.50 pound-er which should be enough to feed everyone!

I really had to move things around to be able to fit it. But in the end it was all put in!

So has everyone already figured out all the dishes for Turkey Day? I have most of the ideas already lined up. Here is what I got so far!

For my Turkey – Brined Herb-Crusted Turkey with Apple Cider Gravy

For my Stuffing – No stuffing, I want to have more of fresh herbs instead of bread!

For my Sides – Corn on the Cob – Honey Glazed Roasted Carrots – Snap Peas – Mushrooms – Mashed Potatoes – Toasted Scallions

For my Bread – Philsbury Biscuits (Hey I am not ready to cook bread yet ^_^)

For my Dip – Cranberry Apple Butter

For my Desert – Cranberry Bliss Bars

Yup, that is the game plan! Now to see if I can stick to it. Thanksgiving always seems to have a way of messing with the greatest of game plans!

So I do have some none Holiday things to share with you all as well!

First off:

Yup I have decided to do another challenge! This one is more physical instead of in the kitchen. So it starts on November 22nd (yup Thanksgiving) to December 31st and you do either 50 burpee’s or squats that day. Once you are done you post to the Challenge Loop page that you did it! 
Really looking forward to this one because it will help me great ready for the next big news!

Yup, I signed up for the 2013 5k Color Run! It is on 2-2-2013 and I have lots of work to do before that day comes.

I have been seriously thinking about doing a 5k for a few years now, but I…well I was lazy and didn’t know which one. Sp after much looking I decided on the Color Run. I mean first of all it looks like SO much fun. Secondly, it doesn’t require me to run so its a perfect beginner one! And finally, well some of my Friends are doing it as well.

Yup I really didn’t want to run alone.

That is my news! Heading out to do a short walk then come back in and play some Halo 4 with the Hubby!

So NeverEver’s, have you run a 5k yet? And if you have which one did you do? Also, have you played around with the ChallengeLoop site yet? It is so much fun you really have to check it out!