Guest Post – Top 4 More Weight Loss Myths Debunked

Hey NeverEver’s!

First I am sorry this is a day late. It was a horrible day for me yesterday, while not an excuse it is just the truth. However, I really had to share this Guest Post. Why? Because we have all been there. Yo-Yo’ing on our weight or googling ‘Fast Way to Lose Weight’ even though we know better. So here is some of these weight loss myths taken away!


Top 4 More Weight Loss Myths Debunked

You’d think that by now the whole subject of weight loss would have been blown wide open with all the various studies and research carried out over the decades, but you’d be wrong. Even in 2013 there are still more myths and misunderstandings about weight loss than there are comprehensively understood facts, which leads to the perpetuation of myths which only stand to hamper the efforts of those with the best intentions.

So once again as a means by which to address some of the more common examples that for one reason or another just won’t quit, here’s a look at a few more weight loss myths and the actual truth behind them.

Eating at Night is Bad for you

One of the longest-standing weight loss myths of all, there are still millions who for one reason or another are convinced that every last crumb they put in their mouths before bed will turn into fat. Nonsense – like the rest of the day it’s all about what you eat before you go to bed as opposed to whether or not you eat at all. Go to bed starving hungry and your body won’t respond well at all during the night, but eat something easy to digest and low in sugar to keep your whole system moving as it should and encourage restful sleep.

Rapid Weight Loss Is Impossible

This is a bit of a tricky one as rapid weight loss is indeed 100% possible, but the trick is knowing how to lose it healthily and in a way that sticks. Crash diets prove that the body can lose weight like lightning, but they’re so dangerous for your health and always lead to the dreaded yo-yo effect. Healthy weight loss over a short period of time therefore is not about starving the body, but instead giving it exactly what it needs combined with serious efforts to improve and increase exercise and training. Lose weight this way and you can rest assured it won’t be coming back to bite.

Carbs Make you Fat

Somewhere along the course of the past few years, carbs developed a reputation for being the single biggest enemy of dieters all over the world. As of right now, there are millions going about their business under the impression that carbs make you fat and should be avoided at all costs – some going so far as to cut them out of their diets entirely. In reality however, carbs will only ever make you fat if you binge on them without taking into account their calorie content. Eaten in sensible quantities, carbs provide efficient slow-release energy that can keep you feeling fuller for longer and thus naturally reduce the amount you eat.

The Fewer Calories, The Better

And finally, it might seem like a good idea to cut your diet from 2,000 calories a day to 1,000 from the word go, but it isn’t. If you don’t take in enough calories then your body will think it’s going to starve to death and make sure every calorie you do consume gets stored safely away as fat reserves. It’s hard to believe, but there are so many people across the UK that could lose weight if only they’d eat more!

By Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton has sought the help of Tim Hayes Fitness, a well-respected fitness centre in London, to achieve her fitness goals.  She exercises not to become skinny but to become healthy.  For more info about THF, you may click here.  For more about Lisa, you may add her in Google+.

Birthday Wishes + Nice Surprises

Hey NeverEver’s,

Sorry for no post yesterday. The hubby planned a small get together with the family and I just wasn’t able to get to a computer.

Mainly spent the whole night giving test drives. Which I loved…and I think the cousins loved even more!

Sorry for it being all blurry. That is what I get for using an iTouch. My camera was acting funny the whole night. Might have to take it into a shop soon, I hope not though!

My wonderful parents got me this hybrid of a plant / flower. Its so BIG. I was originally thinking about taking it to the office but I don’t have space for it…plus there is no natural light so it isn’t good for the lovely plant hybrid thingy!

Also got some GREAT Birthday wishes from all my friends! So here is the giant shout-out that I promised!!

Okay so on to the great news…I need to enter a drum roll here!


Plus I went to the gym BEFORE work this morning.

All in all a good starting week! Plus I wasn’t expecting the loss!

Okay NeverEver’s, this post is short and sweet! I really wanted to share about my ‘2’ pound lost + that I went to the gym this morning!

Yay Me!

Daily Stats: Day 21, Zumba + Weigh In

Hey NeverEver’s!

How was your weekend? Even better how was your Manic Monday? I hope it was better then mine of course…at least in the working world. However, mine was great for a weigh in / workout day!

So my workout consisted of Zumba, it really did a number on me, and then catching up with an old friend on the phone while walking the neighborhood. Here are the results!

Not a bad day at all!

So my weight loss is now at a total of 8 pounds. I lost a total of 2.5 pounds since last week and half. I see my weight going down on the scale and it makes me want to workout even more!

I am also pretty proud of my dinner today. More greens then anything else

Alright NeverEver’s, so how did you do on the weigh in? What did you have for dinner? Have you tried Zumba yet? I have to say that it is intense! 
Have a good night look forward to writing more tomorrow. 

As if we don’t have enough reasons to lose weight!

Hey NeverEver’s!

I was reading up on reasons to lose weight. As if we don’t have enough reasons before but I thought that this was a unique read. Here is what I found out

  1. Fat makes you forgetful. It was tested that women scored 1 point less on a memory test for every unit higher in BMI.
  2. Did you know that for every pound you lose you can run up to 4 seconds faster! 
  3. Less foot pain! You aren’t carrying around so much weight on your feet so its lighter!
  4. Of course you are happier and you feel more confident. 
  5. You can improve your skin!! Your skin is effected by nutrition, to much sugar and carbs, which can cause your skin not to look its glowy self!
  6. You sleep better. Have to say that is something I haven’t had in a while. 
  7. Did you know that Women who have excess weight was found to make less money then their average weight counterpart. In fact we can make $10,000 a year less. Lose that weight and ask for that raise!
  8. Reverse or never get Type 2 Diabetes! 
  9. Stop that injury from ever happening. When you lost just 10 pounds you can lose 40 more pounds of pressure off your joints in your ankles, wrists, and knees. 
  10. You can shrink your fat cells. That is right you can shrink your cells smaller. Which means a tinier waist, who doesn’t want that! So you lose that weight and you can get a healthier heart. 
So as if we don’t have enough reasons to lose the weight! Here are a few more. You just need to have the right motivation for weight loss. For me here is the biggest reason to loose weight, at least the first 50 pounds
  • I can get ANY smart phone on ANY plan! 
If you can’t guess I don’t have a smart phone and I really really want one! So the hubby made me a deal. I get down to 160 and the above deal stands. I can feel the pounds dropping ^_^. 
So what is your reason for wanting to lose weight? Is it a conventional one? Was it something on this list? Want to look at a few more reasons to lose weight? Check out these sites

Workout of the Day: Cardio before or after Weights

Hey NeverEver’s,

This one is a big debate. Even bigger then my previous debate Walking VS Jogging. If I keep doing these things maybe I should put them as ‘Debate of the Day’. Let me know what you think NeverEver’s!

Okay so here is what I learned about when to do your cardio.

You should do a warm up session before doing your weights. Nothing more then 10-15 minutes on a cardio machine of your choice. This is to warm up your muscles, get your blood moving and oxygen in your muscles as well.

After your warm up hit those weights! Don’t be afraid of heading over to the ‘Guys Area’ of the Gym. NeverEver Ladies you know what I mean, that area! Pick of a pair of 5-10, or more, pounder’s! You can even try a move or two on a barbel! Here are some slides and short video’s on how to get those weights on!

6 Head-to-Toe Toning Moves
Barbell Toning Moves
Workout Routine’s for Weights!

 After you are feeling the burn on either your chosen area, arms / legs / core, it is time to head back to the machines for the last time on this workout. Here is why;

  1. Your muscles are actually more energized after pumping iron that you can go longer on your after cardio routine.
  2. Because you burned your bodies ‘glycogen stores’ as fuel in your weight training, when you start your cardio you are now burning the stored fat on your body!  

Here is a few great articles if you want to read more up on this.
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3

So we learned here NeverEver’s to save your cardio till after your pumped some iron! Of course if you are just going into the gym for cardio alone there is nothing wrong with that!

So which exercise did you find the most challenging? I always find lunges hard.

Okay well that is it for now NeverEver’s!

Day 7: A Zumba Workout and Weigh In Day

Hey NeverEver’s!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend and an even better Manic Monday! So as it is Monday I want to do 2 things especially today.

First, I want to thank everyone who is reading this blog. So far it has been 1 week of writing and working out! It has been amazing see the stats go up and figuring out how and what to write. Thank each and everyone of you!

Second, today is my Weigh In Day! So as you all know I started off at 213 and with my weigh in today I am at…I wish I could add drum rolls to this as a sound track, but anyways…211.5! I am so happy that I went over my expected 1 pound a week and went to 1.5!

Okay so my workout today was Zumba Fitness at 24 HourFitness Compton Sport. Let me say…they just don’t dance in there. They MOVE! I do plan to do a post ALL about Zumba and how it took the fitness world by storm not to long ago. But for now…I will say that I will be feeling this cardio workout for a while! I also can’t wait to do it again.
Also, before my Zumba class started, I had to get there an hour early just to reserve a spot, I went to do some Weights. Just working my arms with the machines and dumbbells. So today was an awesome day with a perfect cardio burn and some weights.

So here is my stats for today;

Zumba really kicked my Calorie Burn WAYYY Up!

I am sure you can see why I am happy with today’s workout and stats!

Just as an update on my personal life. I am starting a new job tomorrow, Tuesday, but I see no reason for it to effect this blog. In fact I see myself working out more because less then a mile from where I work, Huntington Beach, is a 24 Hour Fitness!

Okay NeverEver’s…when was your best day ever on a workout? or Healthy Eating? Did it make you want to do the same thing the next day? Or did you push yourself to hard that day that you just couldn’t get up the next? I really want to hear from you!

Night all NeverEver’s!

BodyMedia Edition

NeverEverBeenSkinny Welcomes You! 
I am finding that writing this 2nd post wasn’t at all as easy as I thought it would be. Seems that it is harder then the 1st post, but this shall be done!
Today I wanted to introduce everyone to ‘BodyMedia’ or as my friends like to call it the ‘parole bracelet’. 
BodyMedia is an amazing device that sits on your left forearm and keeps track of your heart rate, how many steps you take, and how well you are sleeping tonight. 
This unique tool is how I am recording my calories in / calories out. I am planning to post my Activity Manager Results with you at the end of each day. Here was yesterdays stats. 
As you can see I didn’t get to my calories consumed quota. Not because I am trying to starve myself…but because I was running around all day, interviewing, and was able to eat low in calorie but high in fiber or protein snacks to keep my hunger away. 
I have found that like most of everything in the Exercise World, BodyMedia only works when it is used. However, when used properly, i.e after a gym class or jogging around the neighborhood,  you can look closely to see if you are working out as hard as you thought you were. 
Well this is it for upselling the BodyMedia for now. Will be posting my exercise later on!