Motivational Thursday + Update on Squat Challenge

Hey NeverEver’s!

Today was the first day that it felt like December. It was misting after raining all night. Which I missed as I had passed out by 9:30 my time, which is insanely early for me! I am going to put my early bed time on the fact that I woke up early on Wednesday and worked out in the morning. Just like I am putting my late raise today as to the fact that the bed was just more comfy then it has a right to be ^_^.

See why I wanted to stay in bed! This is why, it was sooo nice and toasty. But work called so I got out of bed and headed into work.

Anyways, it was time for work in which nothing happened because everyone is getting ready for vacation. Which has anyone gotten a turkey yet? Its on my list of things to do this Sunday is to get a Fresh Turkey!

However, I did look into my LIKE = 5 SQUAT Challenge. Here is the verdict!

Tonight when I get home from my 2 hour OT, I will be doing 120 squats. Now because there are so many I am not going weighted. But it will be done!

But I couldn’t forget about my Wall Sit Challenge that I am doing w/ Rhodes of Fitness from Facebook.

I did it during my break at work. 6 minutes and 10 seconds of fun. The first 3 minutes went by pretty fast since I was browsing FB. However, the 2nd 3 minutes…I felt every second. Still I never thought I could Wll Sit for so long when I first joined this challenge so that in itself is a victory!

Now its time for Motivational Thursday!

Ok NeverEver’s I will see you tonight for my Squat Challenge until then stay warm!! 

Guest Post – Tabata Workout Post

Hey NeverEver’s,

Sorry about not being here yesterday…my computer hates me. It was stuck doing those Windows updates for a day and a half and once I was ready to just get on the Hubby’s computer, well that one thought it was a good idea for updates as well. So therefore computers hate me.

But that wont stop me from posting this amazing workout today. Which I did this morning. And man did it kick my behind. It really did, but it was just enough kicking where I wanted to complete it.

Those Mule Kicks may be making it hard to sit today…maybe. Anyways, I am proud to present this workout to all of you. I can do it….you can do it! I just know it!

You can find more of these workouts from Julie Auler and her blog Grace. Lace and Iron be sure to check it out!

Sunday Food Prep

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to Sunday. Is it just me or did this weekend fly by? I swear that it was just Friday yesterday and now its Sunday.

Has anyone started planning for Thanksgiving yet? In my family it is me who does the Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t mind its just a ton of planning for a family my size. I am thinking about doing a quinoa stuffing I saw on pinterest (if I can find it again). It seemed like a good alternative to bread. Also, I am going to try and make a pie (and to use Thanksgiving as a cheat day of course). But, since it will be my first pie ever made I am still considering it.

However, it is Sunday and that means Food Prep or at least for me getting my recipes ready so I know exactly what I am making on each day. Except for Tuesday as I am going to the dentist and will most likely be having left overs…or something.

So here is my week plan.

Monday – I am craving this one again – French Onion Soup

Tuesday – If I feel up to it w/ the dentist – Pasta and Broccoli

Wednesday – Grilled Steak Fajitas

Thursday – I have been wanting to try this – Oven Fried Chicken

Friday – Tuna Noodle Casserole

Sat and Sun I will be doing left overs. There should be more then enough for not only lunch but to survive until Sunday. If not I shall improvise ^_~.

Yup so this is my plan. Of course I will be loading up on veggies / fruit for snacks in between all of the dinners. I am really looking forward to this week and seeing what I can do for myself!

Okay NeverEver’s, it is time to enjoy…well almost enjoy, my Saints beat the 49er’s (please please please!). So I am leaving you all with my plans.

What is your Food Planning for this week?

Sugar Cleanse is Happening!

Hey NeverEver’s!

So I am crazy. Its the only way I can explain to you all my want to do a sugar cleanse in the middle of the Holiday Season. What has possessed me to do this? I am still not sure to tell the truth but I feel like I have to do this. My in-law family doesn’t do sweets and my parents are in a moving truck 300 days of the year so it isn’t like I actually have excuses as to my own sweet tooth. Especially since anything sweet that is brought into the house is by me.

Ya its ok I know I am insane but let me share it with all of you!

I am already doing my Shakeology every morning, which keeps me full for lunch time. I have dropped my soda habit (which wasn’t really a habit it was more ‘Ok I will drink it if its there’ type thing). Which if I am being honest be doesn’t feel like that much. Sometimes, I feel like ‘Ok so I don’t have soda anymore big woop’ or ‘ya I am eating breakfast but I don’t see any results’. And those are the moments when I have to remember that I didn’t build this body in 1 day. I have about 10 years of damage, neglect, and abuse to get through. Its not going to happen over night, in a week or even a month. So I should be happy with the steps, small and large, that I have been able to do.

However, I want to do more. So I am going on a sugar cleanse. Which started as a bet with the hubby…which most things do if I am gonna be honest with everything. He said that although I gave up soda that there was NO way I could control my sweet tooth. Now to be fair he would in most cases be right…but I wanna win this bet (with the side effect of actually controlling my sweet tooth) so I am going to win this thing!

Here are the rules.

1. I am allowed 1 spoon / packet of brown sugar or stevia for my coffee a day.
2. No processed foods or eating out at fast food joints for the rest of the month
3. No baked goodies…AT ALL
4. I am allowed 1 cheat item 1 time every week.

Now I know that the ‘white’ products are just as processed as anything else you can find…but I will tell you right now. I can deal w/ brown sugar, wheat flour, wheat bread but I will not switch my potatoes. I do not like sweet potatoes and will stick with my real deal.

Other then that I, after this weekend, will be really watching my intake. Of course I am not planning on having many holiday parties and I did include at least 1 ‘cheat’ item. So I do believe I am safe (so I say at the beginning ^_^).

Some of the things that I will be looking out for because while I am trying to take out as much processed things as I can…if I have to I will choose the lesser of 2 evils so to speak. So these words I will be scanning for.

Now what am I going to do about food? Well most of my plans are coming from SkinnyTaste for Gina’s soups and meals. All of her things have real ingredients and are perfect for people that are still figuring out the kitchen. But, since it is, supposedly (it was 85 last night!) colder this coming week…Soups here I come!

I will be doing my meal planning on Sunday so I will share with you all what my meal plan is looking like. All I do know is that I will be getting tons of veggies / fruit and meat. Which doesn’t sound too bad at all.

Okay NeverEver’s, enjoy your Friday! I am going to try to talk the Hubby into going to see Thor (I want my hottie!!!) and having dinner with me. I will see you all on Sunday!

Have you ever done a sugar cleanse? Still a soda addict or have you kicked it? Am I crazy (its okay to answer truthfully ^_~)?

Motivational Thursdays!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Work has been super busy today and I still need to make my Mo-vember treats for the bake sale tomorrow. So I am going to head straight into the Motivational Thursday and I will catch up with you all on Friday!

So before I go away and bake things I wanted to let you all know that I am going to be working out on Saturday with one of the Trainers from Biggest Loser Australia! 
So if your in the LA area come on over and work it out with the rest of us!! 

Guest Post – Weight Loss Benefits of an Elimination Diet

Hey NeverEver’s!

Its Tuesday and you all know what that means. Guest Post day!! Its a happy day isn’t it? Today’s Guest Post is about the Elimination Diet.


One of the hottest trends in nutrition is the Elimination Diet. If you haven’t heard of it, it is essentially exactly how it sounds: You eliminate a large amount of foods from your diet. The idea is remove typical or expected trigger foods from your diet for a number of weeks and then slowly reintroduce them while closely monitoring your symptoms. The main goal is identify foods that cause you problems so that you can avoid them in the future. Interestingly, following an Elimination Diet can have a beneficial side effect: weight loss. Here are some of the weight loss benefits of an Elimination Diet.
Lean protein. Most Elimination Diets limit you to fish, turkey, lamb, and wild game. These are lean, unprocessed meats that are often not subject to the hormone treatments that are common in mass-market beef and chicken. Lean proteins help promote muscle growth and help you feel fuller for longer after a meal.
Natural, non-processed foods. Many elimination diets are also de facto organic diets. You cut out all processed foods and are left with mostly fruits, vegetables, and nuts. These are typical weight-loss foods that contain important nutrients for maintaining your health. They are also low in fat and can help you lose weight.
Good fats. An Elimination Diet will cut out most fat sources except for olive oil and the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish. These are considered “good fats” that provide fuel and nutrition for the body and don’t contribute to fat build-up in the body. They give you energy to exercise and can help prevent disease.
Low carb and low sugar. A side effect of cutting out most grains and processed foods, an Elimination Diet is quite low on carbs and sugars. As we know, low-carb diets can be very effective for losing weight, since these nutrients are easily converted to fat in the body.
Replace other beverages with water. Elimination Diets also cut out things like soda, alcohol, and caffeine, which can all be weight-gain culprits. By replacing most beverages with water and tea, you can eliminate a large part of your daily calorie intake. This also promotes overall health and helps to cleanse toxins from the body.
While usually used by people with gastrointestinal issues to identify problem foods, an Elimination Diet can also be a powerful weight loss tool. Just be sure to consult your doctor before drastically changing your diet.

This post was written for Never Ever Been Skinny by Karen Danish, LAP. Karen is a licensed acupuncture physician and a valued staff member at Tampa Acupuncture Clinic.

Veterans Day

Hello NeverEver’s!

Today is Monday and for some of you a day off. But even more then that it is Veterans Day. This is a day in where we all remember and reach out to the people in our military. We should do it more then just once a year but at least today we can say ‘Thank You’ to the men and women that put their life on the line for us.

My family has some military servicemen, most retired and gone to their maker, but my Half Brother is still in the Army. He has done multiple tours and is currently a Drill Sergeant (I feel sorry for the new blood ^_^ ). My Grandfather on both of my family’s side was also in the Army and my Uncle on my Father’s side was in the Air Force.

So thank you! I hope this Monday has been wonderful to each and everyone of you service members!