Rain Rain Go Away…

Hey NeverEver’s

Okay I really didn’t mean that title…I actually LOVE the rain to tell the truth. But it looks so cute up there doesn’t it? I just had to have it.

Seriously, I am not sure how I was able to get some rain drops mid drop. The only thing I can think of is that its because there was so much coming down. So as you can tell its raining here in So. Cal. Pretty hard in the LA area, which we are not used to at all! 
But we really needed the rain since California has been going through a drought. 
But then the rain stopped and it went to the perfect ‘Curl up with a book while having coffee’ type of weather. Which is EXACTLY what I shall be doing as soon as I finish with the computer.
 I have fallen in LOVE with this book ‘The Black Count’ which is the ‘true’ story of the ‘Count of Monte Cristo’ which was always one of my favorite classics as a kid!
Yes I was a bookworm!
Of course while I am staring at the lovely rainbow its so bright in the sky and just so there! But as soon as I turn my back to get the camera…well it starts disappearing. 
Maybe we can play a game called ‘spot the rainbow’ ^_^. I swear it seems to disappear the more I stare at the photo…or maybe that is just me. 
Okay, so I want to thank you all again while letting me rant yesterday. Today was such a better day! Although, I think that is because its raining and that always brings my mood up! 
Dinner was great, and of course I didn’t take pictures, SORRY! It was a homemade tomato soup with carrots, squash, olives and if you wanted it chicken. It hit the spot on this cold day. The food was gone before I remembered that I needed to take a photo. 
Daily Stats Day 77:
I have been trying to get up earlier and get to the gym before heading to work. So far 4 days have gone by and I have yet to make it. I am gonna keep trying but its so comfy in my bed!
So NeverEver’s, how do you wake up in the morning to get to the gym?
Is it raining by you? 

Okay NeverEver’s, its good night for me! Stay safe if your driving in the rain or snow tomorrow! 

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